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4/30/13 3:08 P

I'm curious if your doctor also suggested adding a probiotic to your daily routine? If antibiotics have messed up your gut, adding a probiotic might help in addition to eliminating gluten. Otherwise, the advice you've already been given is great - cut out the processed foods, eat lots of fruits, veggies, gluten-free grains (quinoa is great!) and protein - meat, fish, chicken, nuts, beans, etc.

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4/30/13 10:11 A

I can’t speak for an 80/20 approach as I have celiacs disease and any gluten is considered dangerous for me.

The way I started after my diagnosis was to do essentially a low carb diet. That is, I eliminated the obvious stuff (bread, pasta, etc.) and all processes foods, where gluten is often hiding. I focused on low GI carbs that are naturally gluten free – lots of fruits and veggies, dairy, beans, legumes, nuts. After a few months, I started reintroducing gluten free bread and pasta but in very small quantities.

You may want to check out the celiacs disease & gluten free team for more support and suggestions.

Good luck!

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Well, I guess there is the fast approach and the gradual one. The gradual one certainly will get you there (and worked for me in terms of low-carb dieting) but may result in slower results. Are the kind of person who can accept slow subtle results? Can you put up with another gut issue or thyroid problem while you slowly improve? I would recommend that you first cut entirely the things that you don't really like much already. For me, that would be sandwich bread....take that sandwich filling and put it on a salad instead. the same thing. If you don't want (or need) to lower your carbs, then just slowly switch to alternatives like corn tortillas and rice-based things. I would also say that if you find an alternative that is yucky, then dump it and look for another. Never, ever suffer or you will resent it and quit.

4/30/13 9:53 A

I'm sure there are posts buried on here about this and I could probably do a ton of research on my own, but I'm interested in hearing stories from REAL people about the Gluten Free lifestyle.

I recently went through three rounds of antibiotics in two months and they left my stomach insanely inflamed. My doctor suggested going gluten free to help with the inflammation and as a possible side benefit of easing my hypothyroid symptoms.

I am sort of totally confused about the best way to start or ease into gluten free. Any tips & tricks?

I hesitate to go black and white on a food group, because my brain sets up an "All or Nothing" mentality and I kick myself really hard if I fail. Is there such a thing as 80/20 Gluten Free? (Say... 80% of the time you do it, and allow small amounts of gluten as necessary?)

I will take any experiences/stories that you have, and even help with things like recipes or ways to get started! Please and thank you!

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