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5/27/13 3:11 A

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Keep on Sparking!

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5/27/13 12:19 A
ers this is where my friend shops as well as our local Sprouts is a healthier version of grocery store. There are some fantastic GF pastas, brownies, bread, english muffins, muffins, cookies, and sodas. Call and ask your local grocery store if they can and will order GF items. and almost all restaurants have a GF menu if you ask them for it. Good Luck! PM me if you have any questions.

LEANGIRL22 SparkPoints: (24,045)
Fitness Minutes: (11,229)
Posts: 1,082
5/26/13 12:19 P

I'm having some difficulty in choosing gluten free items -- bread in particular -- and in getting in enough fiber. It would be great if some gluten free breads were included that we could choose from -- a huge time saver. There are millions of us who are gluten intolerant and we need to lose weight because our ingredients are high in calories many times and we have difficulty in striking a balance. I am sure I'm not alone in this.

Yesterday I accidentally got some gluten in my diet and ended up ill and congested with a migraine. It's a serious condition with unhealthy consequences if we ingest gluten and really sets us back in our health.

Thanks for listening. Don't mean to be negative because I love Spark People and I love this site, but I need the help. Thanks again! Will keep on plugging.


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