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3/31/14 8:04 P

I eat Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Farina instead of other hot cereals. It's delicious. Dominos has a gluten free crust in my area and every once in a whileI do splurge and have pizza. I also like Lundberg's Cinnamon Brown Rice cakes. I never thought I would say that I enjoy eating a rice cake, but I do! They're only 60 calories.

My daughter uses the GF Bisquick mix for pancakes and says it's good.

I did just buy a cookbook, "The How Can it be Gluten Free Cookbook" but have not received it yet. It's supposed to have some great recipes for breads, etc.

But since I'm trying to lose weight, I want to be careful of all the food I eat. I'm trying to maximize nutrition, so if it doesn't seem worth the calories, I don't go there.

You'll be surprised after a couple months how much you don't miss all that gluten. I never thought I would believe that, but it's true!

I don't eat crackers for snacks anymore, or buns or sandwiches. I don't even miss them!

Good luck in your gluten free journey! Keep us posted!


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3/28/14 8:23 A

I've been gluten free for just over a year now & it's definitely a hard adjustment if you were a fan of breads, pizza, etc. I've tried lots of bread replacements and nothing seems right - the taste and texture just aren't the same - not to mention the ridiculous expense, so I've done more what Eckyls has done and just seriously reduced the amount of carbs from traditional grains at all.

Quinoa is awesome - gluten free, has some protein & is tasty and versatile.

I do like the Udi's brand of bread too over others I've tried. I don't have it every day, just rarely - and as it's a frozen loaf, it lasts quite a while. It really tastes best and most like "real" bread when it's toasted, so try that.

I also do the corn tortillas now instead of flour ones, but I have used some gluten-free flour tortillas for breakfast wraps that were pretty good (cannot remember the name of them now).

For the RARE occasions that I really want some pasta, Target carries an excellent brand called Simply Balanced that is tasty (made from corn & rice). They have lots of other gluten-free items too - you can see some online and at your local store.

But mostly, I don't sub GF stuff and have learned to live with it. A lot of GF stuff is much higher in calories & carbs than their gluten-containing counterparts because they're trying to make up for the taste.

Good luck!

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3/26/14 8:12 P

I've been gluten free for five or so years now. Instead of trying to replace all the breads, pastas, etc, with the same thing, just gluten free, I've opted to eat more fruits, veggies, and gluten free grains. It helps me to avoid a lot of excess carbs in favor of more nutritious foods.

When I do eat bread, it's usually Udi's brand - I keep it in the freezer and just get out a few slices as I want them. Since I don't have bread often, I don't go through that much. but if you have sandwiches or toast a lot, I can understand wanting other options. I also use Udi's gluten free pizza crusts - they can be stored in the freezer as well. Corn tortillas are a good option for tacos, wraps, quesadillas, etc. You can also experiment with subbing veggies for pasta - I've made mac and cheese using cauliflower instead of pasta and lasagna made with thin sliced zucchini instead of noodles.

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2/17/14 4:13 P

I don't follow a gluten free diet, but I have a few links you may find helpful.

First, have you joined any of the gluten or celiac sparkteams?

Here are a couple of links for websites that have gluten free recipes:

Hope those help!

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2/17/14 2:38 P

Does anyone else need to follow a gluten free diet? I really could use some advise on alternative products to breads, pastas, pizza dough, etc.

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