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1/19/13 10:33 A

Check out Maria Emmerich's blog. We use her recipes. Also check out It all boils down to cooking yourself, no boxes, shopping the outer ring of the grocery store, with the exception of frozen veggies. We have cake, brownies, casseroles and the like everyday. All gluten, wheat, starch, and sugar free. No artificial sweeteners.

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1/16/13 6:22 P

I would like to get a few recipes making this type of meal for my family. The kids are healthy but my boyfriend needs help. He loves to eat. But I want him to start eating better.

LIVING_FREE Posts: 432
1/5/13 3:41 P

I am really struggling too.... I found out in March that I have a severe gluten intolerance, and suspect fructose intolerance. Just not sure what to eat...

11/6/12 8:04 A

I too, have been diagnoised with Lactose, and Fructose intolerances (I found out after being tested positive for (SIBO- Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)-- following the antibiotic- I take a pharmaceutical grade probiotic and digestive enzimes with each meal-- but still having the bloating and pain--- so I'm strongly suspecting a Gluten/ and or wheat intolerance as well- so trying to eliminate it too--- however, alot of Gluten free foods/ or receipes have alot of Fructose/Lactose forbidden ingredients and I don't know the 'proper substitutions' to make it work right. Additonally, I have high cholesterol and need to cut down on the fats as well. HELP! If anyone has reccomendations as to where I can find receipes/ esp for baked foods-- breads, flat breads, etc. Thanks for any help, :)

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8/24/12 9:53 A

Thank you for all this info. We are new to this also - my husband appears to be a candidate for the FODMAP diet. Just got Patsy Catsos' book (hasn't arrived here yet) and a couple of others - hopefully we'll find some standard recipes he'll like and can tolerate. Good luck to all of you.

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3/30/12 11:37 A

If you are on FB, try following Cybele Pascal (or google Cybele Pascal). She is an allergy-friendly chef; her whole family has food allergies (including gluten intolerance). She re-vamps fave recipes to make them allergy-friendly. AND she is always available to answer questions you may have. Worth a look. :)

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3/21/12 12:46 A

My daughter is also Fructose intolerant and I have had a difficult time finding foods she will like and eat. My daughter has been placed on a Low FODMAP diet. I have googled this and found several recipes and books that have been helpful. We try to have a lot of berries available since most of them have sugars her body can process. Our dietitian also gave us lists of foods that are safe to eat and a list of foods she should avoid. This has been helpful in choosing goods and recipes for her. We were also able to buy dextrose at Super Supplements.

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11/25/11 12:34 P

I think you mean your heart goes out to Island girl 1954! Fructose is very complicated and she is dealing with that. We are just gluten and lactose and I'm diabetic... and then within the family we have vegetarian, celery alergy, a raw food eater... Despite all that we are pretty lucky.

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11/24/11 11:03 P

this message is to JUSTYNA7, my heart goes out to you and your family. I thought a gluten free diet was hard to get use to. Thank you for the suggestion on the gluten free foods. Good luck to you and best wishes. Lucinda

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11/24/11 2:36 P

Our family has a lot of food intolerences so when everyone is home it can be very difficult to find foods that don't leave someone out. I feel for what you are going through. Fructose though makes it very strained.

I make "cake" with ground almond meal, oil, eggs, artificial sweetener and lemons. If you can't use lemons, would artificial flavours work?

We eat quinoa with a spoonful of peanutbutter stirred into it while cooking.

Peanut butter cookies made with just eggs, splenda brown sugar and peanutbutter.

Meringues with artficial sweeteners and flavours for cookies.

Salba and hemp hearts, oatmeal (for some reason my DH can tolerate it) rice and potatoes and grilled meats or fish, plain lettuce or spinach salad are staples around here. Rice paper to wrap rice and meat/veggie wraps. I add oregano to eggs; or spinach and mushrooms and basil to eggs.

Be brave. Wish I had more ideas to offer and sorry if these don't work.

I guess you can't do corn.... hmmm. Too bad. We also use a lot of sweet potatoes or squash which would not be OK.

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11/24/11 12:31 P

Oh wow, I thought my diet was restrictive. Anyway one of the best sites that I have found is a Blog called Gobsmacked. I have tried a lot of her recipes and have enjoyed everyone of them. I will keep looking through my files and keep you updated on what I find. Happy Thanksgiving. emoticon

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11/24/11 8:57 A

My daughter was recently diagnosed with fructose intolerance - unfortunately, fructans are in gluten so she also has to do a gluten free diet. Most all gluten free recipes have fruits and vegetables...taboo for her at the moment. Especially hard is that we can't use garlic and onions in cooking (the diet is unbeleivably restrictive). Anyone else out there with this problem? If oyu have an awesome gluten-free recipe without fruits/veggies - let me know!

Thanks - IG

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