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5/25/13 9:49 A

Living has good ideas

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5/25/13 7:38 A

The previous posters have given you some good suggestions. We don't currently offer gluten-free or dairy-free meal plans.

Coach Jen

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/25/13 6:52 A

I guess my suggestion would be to go through the recipes using those key words, and create your own meal plan.

Perhaps you should use the search word 'paleo' or 'primal' for good results, as well

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5/25/13 3:22 A

Hi - I'm am not sure that you can with those two, but you can substitute - i.e. instead of milk try Almond Milk or Soy Milk, etc.

There are many gluten-free products available - just check the labels. If you would like a link to really good healthy, recipes for them, just sing out and I will forward a couple.


N_DELIGHT Posts: 2
5/25/13 2:42 A

Is there a way to set the meal plan to gluten/ dairy free?

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