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7/30/13 9:23 A

emoticon Hope you're enjoying the summer and all the useful tips on SP.


8/4/12 11:02 P

Hi Lynda,

It is so nice to connect with someone else who is going through a similar journey. Thank you!

As I sit here trying not to scratch my incredible itchy DH arms, I am grateful to know that I'm not alone. While the rash on my left arm looks and feels much better, the rash on my right arm is inflamed and raw. I just don't get it. I'm sure consistency is the key to resolving this.

I just learned yesterday that the Zyrtek I was taking to try and control the rash contains gluten. can you imagine?? Hopefully, as I gluten myself less and less the rash will respond accordingly.

Also today I had a bad reaction to Dietz and Watson Glazed Honey Cured Turkey Breast, which is listed on the D & W website as gluten free and dairy free. I'm thinking it may be that the honey glaze is too much for me right now.

I also learned tonight that the Prilosec I'm taking for acid reflux actually heals the esophagus, so I should be taking it daily, especially until the positive effects of the gluten free diet kick in. I had stopped taking Prilosec and only took it if I felt the reflux coming on. UGH!! So much to learn!

Thanks so much,

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8/4/12 7:40 P

Hi LauraGrace. Your title caught my eye. I am recently diagnosed gluten intolerant by a nutritionist. Interestingly this came about in searching for answers for a 3-year anemia that my hematologist believes is an absorption issue. My GI doc doesn't yet believe I am intolerant as all my GI studies have basically been normal. This includes a 2 colonoscopies, 3 endoscopies, various x-ray studies, as well as actually swallowing a "camera pill" that took 50,000+ pictures over 8 hours through my system over the course of the past 3 years.

My 30 day trial with the nutritionist found me eating lots of veggies and lean meats. I'm very new to this although I have picked up a couple cookbooks off Amazon that have some good ideas in them. I really don't have much in the way of recipes to share at this point as I work long hours and basically stick to simple basics like the veggies and lean meats.

I feel so much better without the gluten although am still struggling to be totally GF. I sleep better, breathe better, itch less and have less GI issues. I have more energy and have lost 15 pounds over the past 6 weeks or so. I have read too that gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance can go together. I do seem to have issues with dairy and try to avoid it as much as possible - especially milk.

Thanks for posting. I wish you well on your new journey and hope that you will hear good news from your doc appts in the coming weeks.

8/3/12 12:02 A

Hi, I'm a 64 year old small business owner, recently self-diagnosed as gluten intolerant after doing a 30 day gluten elimination diet. Aside from mild gastric symptoms I have an incredibly itchy DH (I think) rash on both arms. From what I recently read the new 'Gold Standard' for gluten/celiac testing is this elimination diet, since all the medical testing is iffy.

I started eating gf (on and off) several months ago. I've had major setbacks, fell off the wagon many times since I started. When I eat gluten free I feel great, and although the rash responds positively too, it's always there.

I'm seeing my doctors for routine yearly tests over the next month, including a gastroenterologist who will do a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I am not going back on gluten so will not have the standard (iffy) tests.

Today I bought some delicious gf Brown Cow (cream on top) yogurt. I've enjoyed this since last week. But shortly after eating a cup of the blueberry this morning I got bloated and miserable. I thought that maybe I'm developing an allergy to blueberries, but 8 hours later I had another cup but this time is was the maple flavor. Almost immediately after eating that one I had the same bloated reaction.

Did some research that said that people with gluten intolerance often have dairy intolerance too, and that once the intestines heals the dairy intolerance may go away. If anyone has any experience with these symptoms, please respond. I really can use some support.

I searched all night for a website that would offer me gluten AND dairy free recipes, and luckily found this wonderful resource. I created a recipe collection that I titled 'Gluten & Dairy Free'. Tomorrow I'll buy some of the ingredients to make these dishes and will only eat gluten and dairy free until I see my gastro guy in 2 weeks.

The colonoscopy and endoscopy will give some information about the state of my digestive system. Hopefully by then I will start to heal any damage.

My symptoms aren't as severe as other celiacs and I'll heal any damage by sticking to this eating plan. I would love to get fresh gluten & dairy free recipes if anyone has any additional recipes that aren't already in the system.

Also, I would love to be a resource for anyone else who may be going through what I am.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for listening.


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