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12/12/13 6:58 P

what is the best brand of glucosamine to take for a 60 year old woman?

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12/12/13 6:55 P

what is the best brand of glucosamine to take for a 60 year old woman?

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12/12/13 6:52 P

what is the best brand of glucosamine to take for a 60 year old woman?

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5/21/13 10:02 A

emoticon I make sure to include some kind of fish in my weekly diet. This week it was Atlantic Salmon. Excellent with a little dilled butter. emoticon

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6/22/12 1:32 P

Fish oil contains Omega 3's. It's benefits are for more than joints - especially, heart. Glucosamine is for joints. I was taking it, but think results are inconclusive.

Fish oil, I would continue. I've had a few Dr's recommend it. Omega 3 fats are very beneficial. 3, but not Omega 6 and 9. Check labels and don't add Omega 6 and 9. We already get too much of those.

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4/24/12 2:09 A

Glucosamine works for me. I had a hip replaced 6 years ago...starting to get indications from the other side...I try going without the glucosamine periodically to see if I am wasting my money, but it is never long before I am back on the stuff.
I thought the fish oil was for cholesterol control??

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4/23/12 7:38 P

I take both. Also, try black cherry concentrate.


4/23/12 7:36 P

Thanks all for the feedback. I'm going to give it a try.


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4/23/12 6:49 P

I have taken Glucosamine for several years now. I had a lot of pain in hips and knees. It has helped me a lot. I take the kind that also has the chondroitin in it as well and MSM.

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4/22/12 3:01 P

i believe that glucosamine (without chondroitin) is very helpful with inflammation - i have RA and started taking it about 15 years ago - and it is very effective.
Fish oil (omega 3's) are slightly different - but it does help some what with inflammation. i believe it is more for brain health- and other functions of the body.
it won't do you any harm to take both -

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4/21/12 10:37 P

My husband takes both.
I just take fish oil.

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4/21/12 7:27 P

I have read quite a bit on the benefits of fish oil and/or glucosamine for improved joint comfort. I have recently started jogging again and am having some soreness in my knees. I am just wondering if anyone else has any experience with one or both of these supplements.


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