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Exotec, I have seen in a few places that glucos/chond takes as long as six weeks to kick in if it's going to kick in. After my initial post, I also saw on all the websites that overweight people shouldn't take it, but I found no explanation for the warning. I did get a callback from the rheumatologist today. We'll talk again on Monday about my options with naproxen pills. I forgot to bring up glucos/chond with him, but I'll be sure to discuss it Monday. I'm also going to contact a couple of local compounding pharmacies to see if they can pulverize naproxen tablets and make them into a liquid, flavored (!) for so that I won't be crying with each spoonful. Just trying to cover all bases.

Patti, thanks for the good suggestion. I'll talk with the PT as well.

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7/26/13 10:07 P

Along with the rheumatologist/pharmacist...I'd also ask your Phys Therapist since they see so many patients they might have valuable feedback.....
Best of Luck!

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My husband takes glucosamine/chondroitin for a degenerative lower back problem. He's not much "into" supplements, so he's never said it works or not... however - when we ran out a while back, he definitely had complaints of back pain again. As soon as I was able to get him back on the glu/chon, it eased up. I won't say it's gone, and it certainly isn't going to cure anything. But it does support healthy joints and cartilage.

The thing about nutritional supplements is that you can't expect them to work as a "drug" would do. You have to start in on them and keep at it for quite a while (we could be talking weeks or more) to see any effects. And then you have to *stay* on it.

I've never heard any negative remarks about "overuse," but (as with anything) I'd certainly discuss this with your healthcare team to be sure it's not going to interact with anything you're taking, or go off their plan for you.

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Thanks, Jen. I do have a call in to the rheumatologist, but he may be ignoring me by now. Who knows? The pharmacist said "It works." Who knows?

I was just googling around and found a couple of the usual websites, e.g., WebMD, that caution not to take the supplement if one is overweight. Thanks, doc.

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7/26/13 12:37 P

Hopefully you'll get some members to respond with personal experiences. I just wanted to mention that it would be good to talk to your doctor and/or local pharmacist about this to get their feedback.

Coach Jen

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That's osteoarthritis in the hip socket, not a trendy or arty malady. It began nearly four months ago and I'm looking for info on success of taking glucosamine sulfate/chondroitin sulfate. All the research and items I find seem to be limited to arthritis in the knee. I'm hoping to hear from people who have experience with the combination for arthritis in the hip.

It may be relevant to some of you to know that:

1) I've seen a rheumatologist who prescribed liquid (necessary for my situation) naproxen, which turns out to have been discontinued; my plan won't cover the brand name.
2) In order to take any nsaid, I must also take antacid (the doctor prescribed opremazole).
3) I can crush naproxen tablets, but the need for opremazole for as long as I take the nsaid makes the whole thing scary. The facts that the liquid is unavailable to me and that the pain has diminished a bit in the past week is what gave me the idea to try glucosamine/chondroitin before crushing scary meds.
4) I'm doing physical therapy for lumbar disk problems and the arthritis.

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