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6/5/14 6:44 P

I try not to eat packaged or prepared foods because there are so many hidden additives. Try roasting your own kale and sweet potato chips for a snack or make air popped popcorn. I would rather squeeze some lemon or lime juice in my water than use things like Crystal light. If you commit to eating real foods you won't have to worry about chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

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6/5/14 5:06 P

It is hard!!!!

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6/5/14 11:43 A

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and try to eat as clean as I possibly can. I home make just about everything that goes into my body. Please realize that I am retired and other than the cost of the food I have a pretty easy time to prepare the foods. I also love to cook so that helps. Since CA is in such a drought I am trying to grow my own produce with a drip system. The reason for trying to grow my own in not only because it is healthier but the cost of food in the stores has almost tripled in cost and it is really inferior products. When I quit Artificial Sweeteners I could not believe how much clearer my thinking processes are and how much more energy I have. Good luck on you quest. It is well worth the time and energy you will have to put into it.

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6/5/14 10:17 A


It's going to be hard initially, BUT with time, this will get easier. It's true that many processed food products are loaded with artificial sweeteners and additives. However, many are not.

And you don't have to go to Whole Foods to find all natural or organic products. More natural products are becoming much more common. Example, do you like granola bars ? Kashi Go Lean products have no additives at all.

Do you like chips ? Try Cape Cod chips or Pirate Booty. ditto no additives in either. Trader Joe's has fabulous products that are reasonably priced and don't have preservatives.

And with time, you're going to find that you don't have to cut out every single preservative. I do still occasionally eat foods that do have malodexterin or MSG. As long as you're not eating them every single day, once in a while is okay.

If you're trying to get off sodas, I highly recommend sparkling flavored waters if you need a fizzy fix without the chemicals. But, do read the labels, some do have chemicals. Adironak, Polar seltzer, Poland Springs, don't.

I know that I was shocked when I started reading nutrition labels, but with time it will get easier to make healthier choices.

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6/5/14 9:57 A

It is hard with all the ways that chemicals get snuck into our food. Personally while I focus on eating real foods and lots of plants, I will eat some processed food. Read the labels and for the most part stay away from ingredients I can't pronounce. Never one to enjoy diet soda of sweetners in my tea or coffee (phew!) so that hasn't been a problem. do like crystal light and will have that occasionally during the summer months.

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6/5/14 9:36 A

It is tough, but you can do it!

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6/5/14 8:57 A

I thought this would be a relatively simple task, just give up the sweet n low in my morning coffee and ditch the Crystal Light. I figured, I know how to eat well, just stick to the other health stuff I know and I'll be fine. WRONG!!!! This is exactly why reading labels is so empowering. I have Cottage Cheese with my breakfast every morning. How can Cottage Cheese be bad for you, I asked myself? Well, last night I decided to read the label - Maltodextrin.........what???? Then I decided to read a couple of other labels - there is MSG in my potato chips! Ugh. This is going to be harder than I thought.

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