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10/15/13 7:31 P

Yes, you can learn more about each system and also give them a trial.
Click above on MY TRACKERS, START
Click the small red lettering "account/e-mail preferences" at the top left side of the screen.
Scroll down and you will see: HOW MY DAILY CALORIE RANGE IS DETRMINED.

Hope this helps

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10/15/13 4:00 P


Is there an article or a place that I can read about both options?

Also if I were to switch options, would it delete all of my logged info (like the resetting of goals would)?

Thank you much!

10/15/13 3:19 P

We now have 2 versions to fit all our members' needs.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

MRSPRINCESS2007 Posts: 44
10/15/13 12:04 P

To All that work here at SP:

I am a returning member from a few yrs back and just noticed today while tracking calories burned and eaten today that you adjust the calorie ranges UP when we are active!!!


This was one of my biggest struggles when I was a member last. I was so numbers-driven that even though I worked out hard I wouldn't allow too much wriggle room (MY issue, I know). But for the Type A person, this is an invaluable tool!

I just want to thank whomever it was that designed this "new to me" feature. Just another positive change I have seen here at SP since rejoining!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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