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10/27/12 12:07 A

CUDA440 thanks this sounds like a very good recipe also, keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend :o)

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10/26/12 11:59 A

This is the one I make all the time. It is more of a loose granola and NOT a bar. you can get chucks out of it, if you leave it to cool on the pan after all the cooking time. I like to add 1/4 cup to my greek yogurt.


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10/26/12 3:30 A

Thanks now I have something to do with all the oatmeal I have, I just made a batch of coach nicoles granola oatmeal bars they are pretty good. Thanks for the help :o) emoticon

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10/26/12 2:21 A

Thank you to the two of you very much, yes I check out spark recipes but I wasn't sure which to give a try.

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10/25/12 5:38 P

Here's a bunch of recipes for bars, but I couldn't LIVE without sparkrecipes!

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10/25/12 5:28 P

Have you checked out the sparkrecipes site yet? This recipe is highly rated.

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10/25/12 5:13 P

I want to make a delicious home made granola recipe minus nasty ingredients I say that because we were purchasing granola fiber bars until I realized they put something in them called shellac which is from bugs. Which is a total turn off and the food industry uses this shellac in a lot of our foods, we just never know what we're eating even when we read the food labels in hard to decipher what the ingredient is even when you look it up I'm totally disgusted by this.

Not to turn this into a voting situation but I'm totally voting for the right to know what's in our food and have it properly displayed on the food label. Even though I thought we were getting the total information, the food industry is still holding back some of the information from us. I know the best thing to do is eat as natural as possible (meaning nothing from a can or box and majority from the earth) , but we can't get away from eating cereal, oats and jams and certain other packed food in my house, because of cost, convenience and because it's what we like.

Back to the topic at hand please share, I have oatmeal, almonds, dried blueberries, as a sweetener maybe a little brown sugar or honey I don't know. I would love a recipe that incorporates this and a egg or a little milk for moisture. If you have a wonderful recipe such as this or one of your own that comes out a little moist but sets into a bar that's not to dry I would love to give it a try.

I've read the recipes on and I just don't know which to try or use, I don't want to end up wasting my ingredients if I or my family don't like them. We generally like them nice and sweet but still healthy :o)

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