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COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,412
5/22/13 10:22 P

Having a flat stomach is determined partly by your genes, but also by your body fat percentage. Unfortunately though, genetics for some may not allow people to have as flat as a stomach as they would like, no matter how low their body fat percentage is. However, we do have this article to help you get closer to your goal:

Coach Denise

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GOELLIE3 Posts: 4
5/22/13 4:47 P

Hey everyone!!

I need help! How do I quickly flaten my stomach?

in the past, I weighted 145 pounds, after about three months I now weigh 120!!! I talked to my doctor and I am at a good weight. Unfortunatly, I am still not 100% happy. I want a flat stomach. I work out, eat right and I even asked my doctore but he said a flat stomach was not required.

Yes it is not required, but I want one. Is this o.k. and can you help?


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