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8/12/13 2:18 A

I'm a full believer in better living through chemistry (good old midol and excedrin). That being said, during my TOM my schedule is this: 0500 Wake up 0501 eat a pill 0502 go work out. Doing it first thing in the morning before the cramps hit and after the pills kick in is usually the way to go for me. Another reason for an early workout - makes you less hungry through the day. On my heaviest days, I cut back on vigorous workouts and do more steady-state cardio, maybe 45 min on an elliptical in the gym. In the evenings, I haul myself out for a walk, usually after 10-15 minutes I feel good enough to run. As a bonus, I am not thinking about/daydreaming about/stuffing chocolate in my mouth while I walk. The key for me is to get started early, talk myself into just a few minutes, and dose myself with pain killers. Hope it helps!

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8/10/13 11:51 P the height of BLAH today, and at the top end of my calorie range. LOL...I haven't given in to the chocolate, but I didn't do the workout either...

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8/10/13 9:33 A

This last period, I used it as extra motivation. I always gain weight and go a bit overboard when I'm on it, so this time I exercised a little more and ate more healthy (although I did have one candy-filled day). It paid off on my weigh-in this week!

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8/10/13 9:22 A

UGH I don't necessarily lose the motivation, but I just feel blah! Sometimes I modify my workout for the days where I feel the worst; I'll have a full-body lift session instead of a HIIT workout, etc.

But yes, same here that I don't keep the fatty foods in my apt. Too much trouble to be had ;)

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8/9/13 10:07 P

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having trouble. I am not on birth control so there's no option to avoid having a period--LOL...I'm hoping for menopause in a few years! (Unless I was pregnant and ohmygoshno!!!!) I don't keep anything good (fattening) in the house either, but I'm constantly thinking about eating! The goal of not going two days without working out is a good one, I think I'll adopt it! I haven't found anything healthy that replaces a big chunk of chocolate... emoticon and a salad just doesn't taste the same! (Of course it doesn't come with the guilt either....)

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,634
8/9/13 9:37 P

yes- take something like midol to help with the symptoms or ibuprofen to help with the backaches. i usually take off my heaviest day(s) but try to get back asap because i lose my steam quickly (my rule is no more than 2 consecutive days without a workout or i start to slide).

and i am a hungry monster too, so i eat on the low end of my range leading up so i can eat on the higher end/even go over a little on those days and it balances out. it helps me TREMENDOUSLY to have fewer periods each year, but that's a personal choice :)

8/9/13 7:09 P

Oh dear god, I thought I was the only one! I also do not keep any junk food (chips, cookies, chocolate, sugar) in the house so I am not tempted to over eat. It makes that time of the month twice as hard ... I am HUNGRY although I have been sticking to my calorie limits.

I would love a chocolate chip cookie or piece of chocolate but keep telling myself that thin tastes better than chocolate. (Now if only I beleived it)

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8/8/13 6:56 P

Ugh, I've been doing so well, exercising and staying on track and guessed it. Whatever you want to call it, period, TOM, !@#$!#@%$ on earth, it's here. And now my back is aching, I want to hide in bed and I've been STARVING all day! WHY? Can I hope this will go away when TOM ends? Yesterday I exercised thru my crampy backache, and today I could barely sit at work from it. *grumble* What do ya'll do? Anyone have any suggestions or ways to get through this without overeating? Fortunately I don't keep food in the house that I would really overeat (read: chocolate), but for the first time I'm genuinely HUNGRY and wanting to eat beyond my calorie limits. And I feel rotten for not wanting to get up and sweat. I'm telling myself that a day or two off isn't a big deal, but I have a very sedentary job so I need to make a point to get out at the end of the day if only for a few minutes. HELP...LOL..I'm fixating!

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