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GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
9/6/14 10:59 P

If in doubt don't use it. The best way to store it, is washed and peeled in the freezer. Then you can grate it whenever you need to use it.

SRMAHLER72 SparkPoints: (135)
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8/22/14 4:19 P

My ginger usually lasts for a long time (month - 6 wks) I store it unwrapped in the crisper. Throw it when it gets soft or shows mold. It is a great addition to veggie smoothies & I have seem recipes for making a simple syrup out of it to blend w/carbonated water for a cool drink. Do not know the calorie count on it & have not made it. Had other experiments on my plate.

HEMAMALINI100 Posts: 3,099
7/22/14 8:54 P

If it smell funky pitch it. It does get soft and shrivels when it is bad.

7/7/14 2:22 P

If you have to ask, toss it and get more. :-)

MD2787 SparkPoints: (37,391)
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6/12/14 1:03 P

I freeze mine, too, if I don't use it within a couple of weeks. My favorite way to use it is to cut a chunk, peel off the skin and cut into thin wedges --and cut the wedges into match-stick strips. Then for quick shoyu flavoring, add the ginger to equal parts shoyu (soy sauce) and chicken broth, sugar (or splenda) to taste, smash a clove or two of garlic and simmer with chicken pieces in a pan until the liquid is reduced. Or use the same recipe without any meat, just heat in a saucepan to "marry" the flavors and use as a dipping sauce for lumpia, pot stickers, egg rolls, sushi, etc. Can also use as a marinade or to baste your meats for a BBQ, Get brave and add a few drops of sesame oil to the mixture to kick the flavor up a notch! --or even some red pepper flakes for those that like their food to bite back. emoticon

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (63,335)
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6/6/14 8:02 A

I've never had it go bad, like rot or anything. Just kind of shrivel and turn soft.

SWAMPSPARROW SparkPoints: (4,092)
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6/3/14 7:56 A

In stir fry type dishes, very thin slices are often added in with garlic and onions and cooked a little before adding other ingredients. It is very strong though. My Chinese recipe book says to store ginger in a cool, dry place, but not the refrigerator. You can also plant it. This article took a very experimental approach on how to explore ginger, and the winning approach was to store it in a ziploc bag in the crisper drawer of a refrigerator.

5/12/14 2:12 A

Tharfoir, thank you for your response to my question. I appreciate any information on this.

THARFOIR SparkPoints: (13,570)
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5/11/14 2:08 P

I've never had it go bad, but if you squishy, odd-colored, or smells off, I'd say not to use it. You can freeze ginger root whole and just use a grater while it's frozen, too, so if yours is okay I'd stick it in the freezer. no need to peel it, it grates up just fine.

5/10/14 7:47 P

I bought mine about 3 wks ago and thought I'd find something to do with it. I haven't yet. Any help on how to tell when it goes bad or an idea of how to use it in a recipe? Thank you.

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