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12/18/12 10:21 P

Thanks so much for all of the replies! I decided to go with a whole foods gift card as I know it will be used and hopefully for something more exciting than what the normal grocery list includes. I know my PT has other jobs to try and support her thus wanting to get her something extra to say thanks. Thank y'all again for all of the suggestions.

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12/18/12 3:53 P


I agree with the others who've replied. A gift is a nice gesture, but not required. I did have one gym member who enjoyed my class so much, she did give me a gift card to a local sports store. that was really sweet of her ! And you know what, I still have that card. I completely forgot about until now ! LOL !! Have to go find it.

I like the idea of protein bars in a coffee mug, but a Starbuck's or some other coffee house like Peet's gift card is a generous thought as well. If you consider this person a friend as well as your personal trainer, I'm sure they'd be thrilled with any small token.

Zorbs is right. All the PTs I know, me included, have other jobs. Very very few can do this full time. Full time trainer means having at least 5 clients a day, 5-6 days a week depending on what you get per hour. At one chain gym I know (no names to protect the innocent), the trainer only gets $16-$18 per hour. The client may be charged X per hour, the PT only gets 50-60% of that.

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12/18/12 2:22 P

I got my trainer a coffer mug with his favorite saying on it, and filled it with protein bars and a gift card to a sports store. Didn't feel obligated but just something to say thanks!!

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12/18/12 1:34 P

It's probably the same as every other service professional... not required but a small token thank you (like a low value gift card, Starbucks is a good one; or a daily planner, etc) is appropriate.

That is, don't put yourself in a bind, but don't be cheap either. Regardless of some, a holiday tip is fairly customary with several typespeople you pay -- hairdressers, massage therapists, cleaning service, nanny...

And many personal trainers do not make as much as you might think... They might charge X an hour... but it is not a job you can work 40 hours a week easily--- and it is not a job that the charged hours are the only hours you are working (a *good* trainer, anyways, is spending a lot of non charged hours working up appropriate plans and schedules!)

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12/18/12 9:21 A

I don't have a personal trainer but there are 4 girls who work at the Curves I use. They are college students (dietician, sports trainer, etc majors). I always get the service people that I use regularly something for Christmas. Call it a year end bonus for their hard work and attention to my needs throughout the year. I got the Curves girls gift cards to Starbucks. They all used them during finals this past week......

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12/18/12 8:33 A

I got my PT some personalized stationary - I found some with a fun yoga theme.

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12/17/12 8:52 P

lol, I don't make a living wage doing PT.

That's why I have to have 2 other jobs..just to live paycheque to paycheque...

I don't expect a gift, but I do often get one.

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12/17/12 7:43 P

If you pay your trainer the amount of money that I pay my trainer, no gift should be required. A weekly paycheck from me is more than enough. He should be getting me a gift.

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12/17/12 7:04 P

I'm a trainer and I don't expect anything gift wise from my clients nor should she. A thank you and your continued participation (and $) says it all!

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12/17/12 1:13 P

I've never heard of a customary gift for a personal trainer. Then again, I don't run in circles where folks can afford them, so that doesn't mean anything. :)

If you *want* to give a gift, a card with a gift card to a general fitness/sports store would probably be the most appreciated thing. But I've never been fond of "required" gifts based on custom.

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12/17/12 5:07 A

a gift cert for a massage or workout clothes is always appreciated.

Also, coffee...every trainer on the planet runs on caffeine.

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12/17/12 4:12 A

Hello Sparkies,
I am still pretty new on my fitness journey but have been working out in small group classes with the same personal trainer since starting down this path in October. I feel like I should give her a holiday card but I also am paying quite a bit to see her three times a week. Is there a customary gift for a personal trainer? There is nothing specific that I know she needs. Not ever having a personal trainer before I don't know what the expectation around Christmas time may be. Thanks so much for any advice and or suggestions!

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