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Gift Idea for a coworker who's leaving

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7/20/11 1:09 A

A box of note cards and a pk of stamps, then a one dollar address book that u pass around the office and have anyone that wants to put there address and phone number in .

Posts: 553
7/20/11 12:52 A

When someone is moving, the last thing they need is something else to pack, so a gift card for sure. Just be sure it's for a store they have there; it's easy to check store locators online. It's a safe bet there will be things she'll need for her new home, and I'm sure she will remember you fondly when she selects something!

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7/19/11 9:47 P

There must be SOMEBODY who knows her; find out her interests & get a coordinating gift card.

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7/19/11 9:31 P

Gift cards are the best! Coffee drinkers love Starbucks, shoppers love Target, and all most everyone likes eating establishments. I don't think you can go wrong with a gift card.

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7/19/11 9:23 P

I would do a gift card.

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7/19/11 8:57 P

I second the I-Tunes gift card. Or A gift card for Crate & Barrel, so she can get things for her new apartment.

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7/19/11 7:32 P

If she has an iPhone, an iPhone gift card. If not, a Starbucks gift card or some other gift card if you have heard her mention stores she likes. I think $25 is a generous amount.

Posts: 186
7/19/11 4:52 P

Ideas I have come up with in the past for gifts:
For about $20-$30 bucks you can get a popcorn bucket, video store gift cert ($10), 2 bags of popcorn with some popcorn flavoring, bag of candy and or a couple chocolate bars! Fun night in for a couple of people!
You could get a coffee mug engraved with their name on it.
Gift card for a mall is always good for someone in their 20's
Fuel gift card! Everyone hates paying for gas :) with a goodbye card of course!
Good Luck!

Posts: 868
7/19/11 4:36 P

Gift cards are always a safe bet... or flowers or candles.... anything vague yet useful. I recently got someone a painted martini glass from the Hallmark store and it was a big hit. Hope this helps a bit.

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7/19/11 4:27 P

One of my co-workers is leaving to move to NYC.

I've only known her since Nov so I don't know her personal tastes. She's early 20s.

Any suggestions for a gift to give her as a going away present?

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