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5/6/13 10:07 A

Well my goal is to just make the best of the last 2 weeks, it is what it is. I really have to shed like 4 pounds to get to 10 lost- if I can do that in two week and I bet I can - Id be happy and then I have 10 more in 4 weeks, I can probably do it.

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5/3/13 2:01 P


Don't beat yourself up !! You will NOT derail any of your efforts at long term weight loss or good health because you haven't been able to exercise. Remember, taking care of yourself when you're sick IS every bit as important as getting some exercise. It's all about knowing what our body needs and right now, your body needs some rest. When you start feeling better, you can slowly ease back into a regular routine. Don't try to do too much too soon or your risk staying sick for longer.

Don't worry ! Here's something I learned from my own years of yo yo dieting,"the faster a person takes off the weight, the faster it packs back on. take the weight off slowly and it will stay off". Think lifestyle change, not diet. Get some rest and push those fluids. that's what your body really needs right now.


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5/3/13 7:17 A

Baby steps. Step back, take a deep breath and decide one or two healthy things you can do each day.

You could commit to drinking enough water and getting in 10 minutes of exercise or, measuring your portions and taking a 20 minute walk each day.

Just focus on what you CAN do each day, one step at a time.


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5/2/13 6:33 P

You are sick - your health MUST take precedence over weight-loss. NOW is the time to be in maintenance mode - forget about the competition. Your job at this point is to allow what nutrition you get help your body fight illness. Your body doesn't need to be stressed further by having to deal with repairing itself from miniscule little muscle tears caused by exercises.


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5/2/13 5:27 P

I'm in a biggest loser competition at the g, I don't at all expect to win BUT I was doing ok and life got so busy I had to miss a few work outs and now I got a stomach virus (didn't lose a pound) and my weekend events make it NEAR impossible to make the gym since I was events keeping me out of the area, I have 3 weeks left to pull off some progress and I feel so defeated right now - I don't know how to start over... help!

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