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5/1/11 2:28 P

Great story and emoticon

Being out walking and being an inspiring example for all who see you. emoticon

SHELLB7 Posts: 3,042
5/1/11 12:45 P

Aww,such a nice story! Thanks for sharing!

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
5/1/11 5:56 A

thats pretty cool. i have not had anyone do that to me!

thats is a great motivator people do notice your efforts.

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4/29/11 11:06 A

I think you had your moment.

The moment that even in the darkest parts of your journey, you'll be able to look back and say, "I can do this" and you'll push yourself forward towards your goal.

Its an amazing gift! Congratulations. :)

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4/29/11 10:47 A

I've been exercising regularly for a month now, building up from walking to alternating walking and jogging. I'm 6'7" and have so far I've dropped from 350 to 330.

Yesterday after I finished my exercise I was walking home and cooling down when I heard a car slow down on the street next to me. I took my earphones out because I thought the man in the car needed directions. He rolled his window down and joked, "You know, they say exercise is hazardous to your health!" I replied, "Who says such a crazy thing!" and we both laughed.

We made some smalltalk about what I've been doing and why and he asked me how far I've been going. I told him that I've been going three miles a day three time a week. The old man seemed genuinely impressed and said, "My God, that's nine miles a week! If you keep that up, the Army Rangers are going to call for you!" We laughed again and before he drove off, the old man told me, "You're doing great. I wish I had your determination." Talk about a motivator! That comment brought me to the brink of tears. It's always hard when we start out or are in the early stages of exercising, but an experience like that will certainly keep me motivated when thoughts like "I'm too tired" or "it's too cold" cross my mind.

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