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11/12/13 1:19 P

Thank you! I just reserved that book from the library!

11/12/13 1:00 P

You can achieve excellent results using just bodyweight exercises for strength training if you choose to do so. The book "You Are Your Own Gym" by Mark Lauren is an excellent source for bodyweight only routines. In addition the website is an additional source for information. You need to use sources such as these to teach yourself the how tos and whys of strength training so you can develop your own programmes.

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11/12/13 9:07 A

Yes this is one of my biggest down falls. In the past I have seem to be able to get some results rather quickly but then hit a platoe or something and do not know where to go from there so I often give up...

I also know very little about strength training beyond that it is important and have a hard time determining what would be approipriate to start with so that I am not doing too much but enough of soemthing to make a difference. Like is using my own body weight really helpful or should I have a small amount of extra weight to start? I can fixate on little things I don't know and then it ends up being a deterant, sadly.

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11/12/13 9:01 A

Yes, Sorry some of those are plates to make adjustable dumbbells but could for sure use more. This is stuff that we aquired here and there, nothing recently purchased. You are right that my husband would likely need more weight and hopefully in time I will as well! Thank you for the suggestion.

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11/12/13 6:01 A

Actually, all that sounds like a pretty good start already.

However, your husband may need weights heavier than 20 lbs to maintain the challenge of strength training. An adjustable dumbbell set may be a cheaper and more flexible alternative than buying fixed dumbbells.


11/11/13 10:15 P

While having a diverse set of options may seem to be the key by adding variety to your workouts in reality it makes measuring progress a hit and miss proposition. One of the failures I see in my clients is when the fail to follow through with a specific workout routine long enough to give it the opportunity to show results. Develop a routine based on the essentials of strength development and cardio improvement, be consistent in your execution of the programme and give it a long enough trial to accurately measure your progress.

As a basic rule of thumb 6 weeks is a minimum and 12 weeks will best demonstrate significant results.

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11/11/13 9:26 P


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11/11/13 3:01 P

YouTube has some good videos too........Also has loads of stuff to help you too. Good luck.

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11/11/13 9:29 A

Thank you. We actually have a few tohers things two when I look through the videos.:)

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11/11/13 9:20 A

Sparkpeople has some great videos for exercising. You have the tools already, you just need to get motivated and use them! Here's a link to the videos:>

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11/11/13 9:06 A


My husband and I have a few basics items we are setting up for a basic home gym. We have dumbells ranging in weight from 2 -25 lbs, we have resistance bands and skipping rope, we have an elliptical and wraps/punching bag. We also have a separate yoga mat and a few blocks.

Additionally we have a xbox kinnect with Zumba, dance dance revolution and the biggest loser.

How do I make the most of what we have?

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