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5/23/12 9:44 A

My problem is not getting started. I am wonderful at starting things. I do it all the time. I just don't stick to them therefore I have to start again and again and again.

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5/21/12 2:59 P

It certainly can be. So, start small. Instead of drinking a coke, switch to diet or, better yet, water. When you're thinking about a sweet treat, try some fruit. Measure your ice cream (switch to light) and stick to one portion. Walk around the block. Log every single bite that goes into your mouth to get a feel for how far from where you should be you really are. You do not have to go from eating whatever, whenever to 1200 calories a day and no movement to P90X or Insanity. Starting small and making changes that become habits you can keep up to stay healthy for the rest of your life is far more important than going all in first day, in my opinon. You CAN do this! Start now!

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5/19/12 1:52 P

Seems to be the hardest part

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