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2/8/14 9:48 A

I'm not a night shift person but.....could you walk a mile on your breaks and lunch? Even if you just find a path within the hospital that you could go walk.

At work that is what we are doing. I don't have time before or after work on the days I work. I'm not ready yet to commit to the gym. Around the block at work is .82 miles. We walk in the morning, and afternoon and at lunch I try to go around 3-4 times. So I'm getting in 4-5 miles a day just walking around the block.

I work in a pretty stressful environment so it gets me away from my desk. Since we have started doing this I feel less stress and more productive. Especially in the afternoon. I used to crash around 2 pm. But the walking helps me stay up and going.

Hope this helps.

2/8/14 9:15 A

I am a nightshift ER RN. Just got off from work a while ago. My plan is to go to bed and exercise shortly after I get up (around 5pm). I am having a difficult time getting back into exercise. Several months ago I would get off from work, go to gym, do water aerobics, treadmill, eliptical, etc. Any suggestions from night shift people,( or anyone) on how to incorporate REGULAR exercise into my schedule. Sometimes I find that after a 7p to 7a shift I don't have time to do anything, especially when I have to go back to work same night. Thanks for any suggestions!

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