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PENNYLOU7 Posts: 5,250
12/11/13 6:43 P

Thanks, everyone, for your input. My experience is just like SPYDEZRA described. Planet Fitness and all. Today, I plugged into my iPod instead of the jack on the treadmill. That seemed to work. It's taken me a long time to find ear buds that stay in. I really like these ones. They are Ironman for women. So, for now, I'm blaming the treadmills at Planet Fitness. LOL.

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12/11/13 6:31 P

Are you sure that your sweat isn't making an electrical connection between the circuits in the buds and your ears. Sweat is salt water, which can (and will conduct) electricity when enough salt is present. I'd get a new pair of ear buds.

SPYDEZRA Posts: 88
12/11/13 11:06 A

This used to happen to me all the time at my old gym! It was so annoying! I got rid of the earbuds and tried a new pair, but the same thing kept happening. I also never experienced it on any other piece of equipment. Eventually I realized it was the treadmill itself causing the shocks. I still haven't figured out what caused it, but it seemed to help if I tried to keep the wires away from the metal pieces of the treadmill that reads heart rate. It also helped if I didn't plug my music player into the jack that keeps it charged while I was running. The only thing that got rid of the problem completely was changing gyms to one that has different equipment (because I moved), but that may not be an option for you. I had the shock problem at a Planet Fitness, but don't have it anymore at Gold's Gym. Good luck in figuring it out!

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12/10/13 7:24 P

Have you tried the over-the-ear kind? Static shocks don't sound normal at all... are you sure it's static and not a faulty product? I'd contact the company to see if that's normal, and see if you can get a replacement. I've never heard of shocks via ear bud!

PENNYLOU7 Posts: 5,250
12/10/13 5:44 P

I finally found some ear buds that stay in my ears while running. However, while running on the treadmill, I get a shock to the ears as the static electricity builds up. Not cool. Anyone have suggestions for me? I love being able to listen to my music while spending time on the treadmill and running outside is not an option. Thanks!

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