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Thank you for the support. Yes getting ready for surgery is a challenge. The part I'm focused on is having the body weight down. Tonight I have an orientation to the LVCD options pre-bariatric surgery options. I've always shied away from that option, as in my mind if I could move and exercise then I could loose the weight. Not a realistic thought as it's only been past 8 yrs of pain and I've been heavy since the kids were born now 24 and 20. But in my mind I could do it... LOL my mind needs to go take a bone and lay down for awhile.

so I've set up my items to eat plan - which I think should work. I eat out of boredom so much and because someone once told me that I should eat ever few hours - not a full meal mind you, but that has to stop.

I'm finding I'm obsessed with putting food in my mouth. I'm either chewing gum, eating, drinking or smoking. Something is always there. Maybe I'm teething again...

Okay, thank you for the suppor.

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7/22/14 5:41 A

Welcome to Spark. I'm so sorry about your accident. You've been through a lot.

I'm sure with surgery scheduled you are motivated to lose weight and pain is certainly a challenge. There are many exercises here that don't require extreme exertion that might help you. I'm hoping you have some pre- physical therapy to prep for the surgery too? I know friends who have done that and it's helped with both weight loss and
strength building before knee and hip surgery. I believe docs will sometimes order it. (More pre-hab, less rehab.)

I wish you the best going into that surgery in good health. emoticon

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emoticon emoticon emoticon WELCOME TO SPARK!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Congrats on taking the first step into changing your life to a more healthier one by joining the site. Spark is filled with amazing people that will motivate, support and encourage you on your journey. There is so much to learn and discover here, take this one day at a time.

A couple of things I would like to suggestion to make you Spark experience a great one.

1. Put together your own Spark page. This is a great way to communicate with other members and build relationships that will support and motivate you. You can do this by going to the START page and the green section has something about your Sparkpage.

2. Make goals for yourself. Each month I make a list of what I want to accomplish that month and break them down to smaller goals to work with week by week. This way the BIG picture doesn't seem so big.

3. Join Spark teams. There are tons of teams here and you will be able to find ones that fit to what you like or want in a team.

The key to success here is to be active and you've already started by joining. You will find that everyone is willing to help you out if you need it. Spark friends are here for support, motivation and encouragement. Good luck on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Again, welcome to the SP family!
*~ Paula *~
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

7/21/14 10:19 P

Hi, I am brand new to Sparkpeople. I was successful last fall with an online food/exercise tracker until a car accident sidelined me and I stopped my exercise program. Regained the weight I lost. So now a year later I am getting my BMI down so that I can have the Total Hip replaced that we penciled in for October 27, 2014. I have a weight check apt on Oct 1. so hear it goes. Lots to loose and much more to gain!!! I know the food stuff - but struggle with getting exercise into my day when I hurt so much. I'm off all pain meds except Celebrex; need to stop caffeine and nicotine as well - but that will be goal 2 and goal 3; first things first. Looking for some diet buddies that can help motivate each other.

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