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10/7/11 9:54 A

Thanks everyone for all the responses - and definitely very astute observations about me using food for comfort or to fill an emotional need! My job hasn't been leaving me very fulfilled lately so I think I'm turning to food as something else to keep myself occupied while still staying at the computer and on my calls. I'm going to try taking my vitamins again; I am so bad about sticking to that! I'm also going to be planning all my meals/snacks and logging them at the beginning of the day. I'm hoping that having a record of what I'm "allowed" to eat will be similar enough to the days when I would bring all my food to work with me that I stick to it. I also like the soup idea. With the weather just turning cold enough for soup, time to get back to that!

10/7/11 8:08 A

I work from home, too, so I can relate. It definitely helps to not give foods that have no place in your body no place in your pantry.

I get really busy this time of year and I have found my crockpot to be an invaluable tool lately. For the past month I make some sort of vegetable based soup in it every morning. I weigh/measure everything as it goes in and most of my tracking is done for the day. My 6qt crockpot worth of soup usually comes out to around 600calories (not counting protein which varies, from unflavored protein powder to Greek yogurt for creamy soups to turkey breast or salmon or chicken sausage, and is something I usually add to my bowl rather than to the pot). It REALLY keeps me on track when I don't have time to cook all day...and it's so easy to grab a bowl of soup when I get home from a bike ride feeling famished.

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10/6/11 9:53 P

Oh my---I feel your pain. I've been there and done that. Sometimes it helps for me to go into super-strict mode where I just have a few limited types of foods and meals to eat. Having too many options often makes me go off track. At least temporarily, limit your options, and see if that helps.

10/6/11 9:26 P

I began my diet plan April 2010 and so far lost 100lbs, with 70 more to go. I maintained over the summer and now also notice some backsliding. No Way am I gaining any more than a few lbs back! I found I am "dieting" to hard and expect to much from myself. I 'm now allowing myself a small dessert as a evening snack and letting myself enjoy a guilty meal once a month. Often we are to hard on ourselves and think of a indulgence as a failure! Its not ! Just don't allow your body to become used to taking in more calories daily or you will gain. When you feel that overwhelming urge to eat. find a deversion, the cravings go away in about 15 or 20 minutes..have a cup of coffee or tea or plain water. I also take a multi vitamin/mineral tablet and a calcium tablet once a day to make up for any neutrients I don't get during the day. You will do fine, stop stressing! If you are like me and have to have treats for other family members, place them on a top shelf out of reach and sight for yourself. Never place junk food in line of sight when you open the pantry/cabinet.

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10/6/11 9:11 P

Alissaz, have you considered taking a look at your mental and emotional well-being? With addictions, such as a food addiction - the overeating is just a symptom of underlying mental and emotional issues. Doesn't make you "crazy" or anything - jeez, EVERYONE has some kind of vice - but learning more about what can nurture you better than food can be helpful.

10/6/11 8:53 P

I have found over the years that there is a direct relationship between taking vitamins and appetite control. I find that when I take my vitamins regurlarly, Im not hungry even when Im sitting at home watching tv. I plan what Im going to eat before I eat it so I know how many calories Im consuming. I also dont try to limit healthy fats which also help you feel full.

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10/6/11 6:03 P

There is a great article here about staying motivated on a diet which may help you:

10/6/11 5:47 P

1. Do you need to clean your pantry and remove these trigger foods?
2. Are you using food for comfort and relief? Are there other activities that would help that you need to implement into your daily routine??

Dietitian Becky

ALISSAZ Posts: 507
10/6/11 5:31 P

I am really disappointed with myself. I have definitely been backsliding over the past few months (was in maintenance for a few years), and today was especially bad. I work from home so have my entire kitchen and pantry available to me - never a good thing for me. Of course, I was bored and stressed with work today so I turned to food for comfort. I am already over my daily limit, and it isn't even dinnertime. Why do I keep doing this kind of thing to myself?

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