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Good for you getting up and motivated !! You might want to take some of those baked goods to a nursing home or a homeless shelter. That way you don't give up on your hobby. Also check out some of the SparkPeople recipes. Change up some of those ingredients and make it a much healthier recipe.
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2/16/14 9:30 P

It has been difficult mentally to get myself out and around other people. My husband and myself have become housebound due to his health issues. What is more, I find myself sitting around a great deal of the time keeping him company. When I get bored I bake. NOT good. I enjoy cooking so food has become the highlight of our days. After a talk with my doctor about how frustrated I was getting, so unlike the usual busy high energy person I was, not so many years ago,, he encouraged me to get out and not give up on trying to eat healthy and lose weight.. My husband sleeps a lot escaping pain so he wouldn't miss me or mind if I went out. I have set a goal to get out, being the smallish mall, where I can walk out of the weather and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends I haven't met yet. (If you know the saying). Staying home more or less alone was not doing me any good. Three times a week if not more I drag him off the couch to drive me to the mall Good for him and I then back to pick me up later. It is good for both of us. I am losing my eyesight as well. Thank you Spark People for giving me a place to go for help.

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