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KWRIGHT26 Posts: 482
5/16/11 10:22 A

Thank you everyone for the input.

I work out at home, and all my squats are bodyweight only. Legs are tomorrow, so when I go to do my squats I will remind myself to keep breathing and correct my own form and see if it helps.

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5/15/11 11:06 P

Perhaps remove some of the weight, I would hold my breath if lifting far to heavy for my abilities too.. If breathing correctly, your 21 and getting dizzy despite trying alot of different stuff? I would ask the doctor to check me over if in your shoes.. Just because people are young, make sure you get a physical to avoid any hidden health issues..

Perhaps a spotter walking you through your squats, reminding you when to breath and checking your form.. Many young guys ask others to help them at my gym to assist them if doing stuff alone..

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SCOTTGARAN Posts: 2,014
5/15/11 10:31 P

There is something we often do, and may not realize it is happeneing. Under a load such as the squat, we build internal pressure by pressing against a closed glotus. There is no other simpler way to explain this that by comparing it to bearing down when going to the bathroom. OK, now you get what the valsalve maneuver is. Essentially this internal pressure stabilizes our spine. You may be doing this which is causing you to forget to breath. This is a natural thing, and basically does the same thing that a weight belt does. It is OK to do it, but you must remember to breath when you are at the top portion of the lift. Naturally you may again perform this maneuver during the downstroke and upstroke, but breath at the top. hope this helps.

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5/15/11 9:05 P


Are you breathing through your squats or holding your breath? Breathing is very important when you are strength training because holding your breath will raise your blood pressure, so make sure you are breathing. If you workout at a gym, you may want to ask one of the certified trainers to check your form. If you continue to have issues, you may want to contact your doctor.


JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
5/15/11 8:53 P

Since the squat uses some of the biggest muscles, it sounds like maybe your heart is sending lots of blood to the muscles and thus you're getting less to the head, but I'm not a medical professional and you should perhaps ask one about this.

Do you do deadlifts at all? Just curious if it occurs then, since that is a similar, large-muscle, full body exercise involving the legs as well.

KWRIGHT26 Posts: 482
5/15/11 7:54 P

I occasionally get a little lightheaded while I'm exercising, but only when I pause during squats. It doesn't matter what kind of squat. Fast squats, slow squats, squats with a pause at the bottom, squats with a pulse in the middle. You get the idea. I am consistently lightheaded when I return to standing, most often when its a break between sets, and I have no idea why. I make sure I'm not low on blood sugar before I work out, I'm indoors so I'm not overheating, and I get plenty of water. It doesn't happen during any other exercise.

For what reasons could I be getting dizzy during my squats?

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