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2/1/12 6:28 P

Thanks for the encouragement! Processed foods have been gone out of the house for a long time...I guess its time to push myself for an extra mile on exercise & see what happens.

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1/29/12 7:59 A

Hello Stacy,

This is a process and takes time and patience. Be grateful for the progress you are making and persevere in building this healthy lifestyle.

Since your Sparkpage is private and your trackers are not accessible it is impossible to be more specific. emoticon

GAMMALEAK Posts: 219
1/29/12 7:57 A

You are doing AWESOME! 1-2 inches is a lot, and it's a lot to be proud of. Especially if you are exercising, weight loss may not happen right away. As your body replaces fat with muscle, you'll be leaner, but potentially weigh the same or even a little more (depending on where you started).

Remember that your weight is only ONE indicator of your health and fitness. There are many others. If your waistline is getting smaller, you are definitely doing something right.

All that said, if you're still a little frustrated, maybe take some time to review your food intake and see if there's any processed foods you can replace with natural foods. That may help.

STACYMILLER1 SparkPoints: (449)
Fitness Minutes: (1,620)
Posts: 6
1/29/12 7:20 A

I've lost approx. 1-2 inches in the past month, but have not lost any weight....anyone out there have any thoughts or ideas on this?

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