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Ok, so you really can't stand looking at yourself in the mirror! It's time to loose weight, but boy is it hard! And when this is all over I will get my self esteem back. Do you really believe that all you damaged was you shape, and self esteem? Depending on what you ate depicts what gets damaged. Being on med's, looking older, not being able to do what you used to do(not that long ago),well that's all forms of aging. Yet, you aren't that old! You've damaged a lot. If it's around your middle, we all know that's cholesterol blocking your heart.
Don't be afraid reading this, because there is hope! You can still turn things around, no matter how old you are. Eating and living a healthy lifestyle can make your insides look as good as we want our outsides to look. Just eat nutrient dense foods/ natural and exercise. That's it. Yes, it not easy, and it's a constant struggle. But aren't you worth it! After all you still have your whole life waiting for you!

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