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6/25/13 8:27 A

That is a great idea. I set a timer and make myself get up and walk around and get more water.

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6/25/13 7:15 A


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6/25/13 6:51 A

It's very good dear.
Keep it up.
Drink lots of water. it help to hydrate your skin as well as help your other health isuues.
Good LUck!

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ITSABSURD SparkPoints: (18,393)
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6/25/13 3:21 A

That's a great idea! Good luck with drinking more water!

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6/25/13 3:18 A

Some days it's easy, but on the days that I am really busy I just keep my head down and forget. I had completely forgotten what I used to do! Each day I filled a jug with 8 glasses of water. Kept in the fridge it's easy to find and remember. I'm off to do it now.

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