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Getting back on track

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SparkPoints: (6,908)
Fitness Minutes: (6,398)
Posts: 30
1/7/13 1:22 A

I am getting back on track both training and in my everyday life.No more putting things off.I will succeed in always this year.

SparkPoints: (34,038)
Fitness Minutes: (19,684)
Posts: 1,152
1/7/13 1:20 A

I am also getting back on track. For me, if I do my food tracker the day before, I am more likely to follow it as well as exercise. Feel better and good luck.

Posts: 6,124
1/6/13 11:59 P

a round of (((APPLAUSE))) for you for starting again. Hopefully this will you last start over.

Posts: 757
1/6/13 11:18 P

Hope you feel better soon and I also have "blew it " all weekend, I gave into stress eating last night and ended up eating a whole bag of fungins and I feel bad and sluggish from it today. I am also starting over again tomorrow--Hope the best for you. I am adding you as a friend, I am here to help if I can---

Posts: 6,668
1/6/13 11:05 P

I tip my water glass to your success.

SparkPoints: (83,054)
Fitness Minutes: (63,360)
Posts: 3,879
1/6/13 9:24 P

Your mood will perk up once you realize the holiday charm is gone, and your sinus illness is gone, sinus stuff isn't caused by sugar, probably a germ, and you may have something else. So many are sick now from flu and stuff, yet keep going out shopping and eating and spreading stuff. You will get back into the usual counting and exercise, it will be ok.

Posts: 4,471
1/6/13 8:35 P

Good for you. Usually when we go off track this time of year it has to do with sugars. Once you are counting calories and limiting sugar you will feel a lot better. Sugar feeds all kinds of bad things in the body, and had helped to get you sick. You will feel better soon, I know it!!!

Posts: 505
1/6/13 7:58 P

I hope that you feel better soon and you starting off slow counting calories is perfect!! emoticon

Posts: 20
1/6/13 7:42 P

Been off from counting my calories since the 21st of December. Tryed to keep myself as active as possible ( walking 2 miles when i can) now that things are slowing down I am going to get myself back on track again, planning on starting in the morning. Even though I dont feel good (thnk I have a sinus infection). I just feel so awful with the junk food already, and I noticed my moods changing cause of it. I have a 4 yr old to keep up with, and a very active husband.
So Im planning my breakfast out tonight and going from there. Depending on how I feel tomarrow may not exercise but a start would be with the counting calories.

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