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4/23/13 12:13 P

Keep posting here. The community helps you stick with your program. Create a sparkpage, blog, make friends, post... you'll learn a lot, and have the support you may not have in real life. The community has been instrumental in keeping me aware, so that even when I'm off the program (last time, 9 months) I was still HERE, and still maintaining the entire time!

Studies have shown that participation in online communities increases your success rate. So no matter how you're feeling, post here. Good days? Get woohoos! Bad days? Get support and advice.

We're here for you. :)

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4/23/13 10:26 A

thanks guys, I feel alot better now. I have addressed my issues with food for one day at least and tracked it too for the first time in months! I freshened my self up, had a long soak and a good think. sorry if it came across as I worked out hardcore from the word go lol. I didn't but the last 6 months or so it was more and more heavy and I loved it! the changes my underwent were nothing short of amazing. I had some issues to do with family and moving christmas etc etc and let it drag me down and make me lose focus. I also think a part of me found it hard to except my new self if that is even possible? I had never been fit before and never had muscle definition, was crap at sports in school and always been unfit if not always fat..............

My issues are emotional, I know my body is capable I am just having trouble convincing my heart and soul that I can be the superfit and sexy lady I was for those 6 short months...............ahhhh. posting on here helps me get it out thanks for taking the ear bashing

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4/23/13 9:25 A


I think you answered your own question--"...with the help of an aggressive exercise program"

Studies have shown exactly what you have stated that the drop out rate for people who start too aggressive of a program is twice the rate of those who start out with a moderate program--the reason they find it very difficult to maintain that type of lifestyle, so when they no longer can, it becomes an all-or-nothing type of situation.

By making and integrating small permanent changes into your lifestyle over a period of time--yes, it may take you longer to reach your goal, but the amazing deal is, you will never have to start over again.

Be strong!

Coach Nancy

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4/23/13 9:16 A

Why do you need a kickstart? Don't you have the reasons to get back on the wagon right in front of you? Determine what really made you fall off in the first place. Then go from there. You don't want diabetes-- do something about it. You don't want to be on meds the rest of your life-- there is your motivation. It even works when you are off meds because you don't ever want to get back on-- that motivation still works.

You know HOW to do it. You know WHEN to do it (NOW). You know WHERE to do it. Now figure out WHY you really want to do it.

What has overeating, overdrinking and under exercising done for you? Now get back to it. You are so much stronger than any addiction. your body has innate intelligence to heal itself-- just let it do it. Fuel it properly and exercise it properly. If necessary-- go see someone. Talk it out.
But DO IT!!!!

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4/23/13 6:30 A

Hello all, I joined spark around 3 years ago and lost alot of weight, with the help of an aggressive exercise program. I got fit and felt fantastic, better then I had in my whole entire life. lost over 4 and a half stone. Then the dreaded thing happened, I have put 2 stone back on and am now back to being very unfit. terrible eating habits and no extra workout ruitine, this happened back in september 2012. I don't know how to get motivated again.............

Two days ago I logged back in and thought I would start back at the beginning of my journey 'SP' then less then 1 hour ago I had an episode, my vision went completely blurred and I felt very dizzy, I had a bagel and after minutes felt better, I now have a headache. My mother is diabetic and so so was my nan. I have had this happen to me for some time now and only now I realize what it means??? I am by no means stupid, when I started this journey it was due to the health problems I may face in the future if I didn't change.

I am back to my old self, overeating, oversmoking, under exercising and worst of all I have picked up a new habit 'over drinking'............why would I do this to myself when my father is an alcoholic and has nearly died 6 times due his problem and what it does to his body???

I need to stop all of this, but most importantly I need to address my emotional issues so that I can handle life's problems when they are thrown at me instead of seeking comfort in these health destroying vices!

How do I kick start myself again! HELP!!!


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