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JOANN19681 Posts: 208
2/18/12 5:58 P

Thanks to both of you. I just got back from a very slow 45 minute walk with my dog. I am going to just ease back into things slowly and try not to overdo it. I feel kind of tired now that I am back home, and I may even just go to bed early. I was up really early this morning and I am kind of paying for it now.

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J0ANNAJ Posts: 1,007
2/18/12 9:21 A

I don't think you can overestimate how much energy it takes for the body to heal itself. I too have been out of exercise for a while due to ill health and I'm back to it this week and feel that I'm not really working that hard but I'm feeling really fatigued today. In the end I just took a walk.

I appreciate its hard. If you are like me I want to kick start my weight loss again and doing short workouts is not going to help that but I would go with something gentle rather than nothing at all. I hope you find your energy soon.

JOANN19681 Posts: 208
2/17/12 1:35 P

Thank you! I think I found something that might work. Coach Nichole has an aerobic routine done from a chair. It's pretty easy, so will ease myself back into things by doing that a couple of times today, and if it kind of wakes me up I might drag myself outside later and take a short walk with my dog. I am not in pain anymore, the tooth is fixed. I just feel really worn out and tired.

Saying you cant is imaginary thinking.
SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 59,750
2/17/12 1:35 P

When you feel ready, I'd start small and build up again from there. I think you'll know you're pushing yourself too much too fast if you listen to your body. It sounds like right now you might need a little more time to recover, so don't feel like you need to jump back into it too quickly.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/17/12 1:16 P

sorry about your tooth problem. I'd find a workout that you can focus on and you might not think or feel the pain. Good luck.

JOANN19681 Posts: 208
2/17/12 12:49 P

I may be just looking for a nice hard kick in the butt to get me up and doing something.

Saying you cant is imaginary thinking.
JOANN19681 Posts: 208
2/17/12 12:43 P

I broke a tooth about a month ago, was in a LOT of pain, but financially couldnt get it fixed till the other day. I kept exercising when I was dealing with the pain from this, but think it was all adrenaline. Since getting the dental work the other day I have crashed and hit bottom. I feel so much better, but really just want to rest. But I know I should be getting back into my exercise again. My question is: Should I build back up gradually to what I was doing before I got my tooth fixed? Maybe just do twenty minutes on the bike or a twenty minute walk and increase it gradually? Boy, have I ever gotten lazy. I just want to rest and enjoy not being in pain anymore.

Saying you cant is imaginary thinking.
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