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10/14/13 5:54 A

I agree that your doctor is the best person to give you advice on how to slowly progress back into exercise, what exercises are okay to try and what you should avoid.

Coach Jen

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10/13/13 11:45 P

I usually get back to exercising the moment the gym opens on the day that my restrictions end. :) I've had major surgery twice during this weight-loss journey and I find going without exercise ridiculously hard.

What did your doctor tell you? There should be a note in your discharge papers. If not, call your doctor. My experience has been that the wait is 4-6 weeks after laproscopic surgery. I generally try to get back in the pool first thing since it is low impact and to increase my exercise slowly from there.

JENNYLYNN415 Posts: 62
10/13/13 5:29 P

Hello to you all.
Just a quick question I had laproscopic surgery on the 7th of October and I was just wondering when to you start to get back to it.
I am off for two weeks from work and will go back part time for a week and I cannot lift over 10 lbs for six weeks.
My work outs usually involve cardio, like running on the treadmill or working on the elliptical and then I do strength training with 3 pounds weights on the opposite days of cardio.
I know that I will have to go back to it slowly just looking for suggestions.
Thanks enjoy the rest of the day.

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