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4/18/13 9:46 A

I think that is a fabulous idea. SP works for me because of how I use it. I post honest blogs about how I am doing and what I'm thinking and what motivates me. I track my food, I track my fitness. I also read all the nutrition, health, motivation and such articles to help me to understand what I am doing. I don't kill myself. I (like what SP teaches) believe in eating healthy, but also everything in motivation. I also believe that this is a lifestyle I have to adopt and I am finding ways to make the changes permanent. This means that it is okay to have a "bad" day or eat ssomething not great. Because if I practice moderation, I will be right back on track the next meal, or next day!

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4/18/13 9:43 A

Food and exercise trackers on SparkPeople are great tools to keep you accountable. Remember that SparkPeople is about the whole person not just losing pounds. This means it is a lifetime habit not just on again off again. I know I have been there in yo-yo land and this time I finally got it and will stay with. There are no slip up or mistakes that can't be handle, there just curves or cliffs in the road and determination gets us back on the road quickly. Join Spark Teams and learn from other SparkFriends.

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4/18/13 9:17 A

After 3+ years of not using Spark, I have in the last year lost about 40 lbs. Now however, having reached somewhat of a plateau, I am back in the hopes that all Spark has to offer, will help me reach my goal of 50 more lbs. Am I on the right track, or is this just wishful thinking? I am looking to use the trackers for accountability. Does that sound like a good place to start?

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