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3/3/14 7:19 P

Do you have an indoor heated pool anywhere nearby? My son is high functioning autistic too, and he really enjoys swimming lessons. It really calms him, he spaces out in the water and gets some exercise and I know he's learning a skill he'll enjoy for the rest of his life. Our community center has pretty cheap kids lessons ($5 a lesson in small groups).

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2/28/14 3:59 P

If he likes video games, maybe try something like DDR. DH is an aspie, and it's hard getting him to do things like getting active. He knows he should, but he obsesses about things. All I can say is find something HE enjoys. There are a lot more movement type games out there these days with the Kinect. You could also use minecraft as a motivation.

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2/25/14 7:28 P

I have an eight year old boy on the Autism Spectrum (would have been considered Aspergers before they removed the distinctions) he is very verbal but struggles a lot with social skills and reciprocal relationships. He is happiest in his own world which often includes Minecraft on his tablet. I want to get him to be more active and we do mess around in the house some but between his tendency to withdraw into himself and our incredibly crappy weather this winter (we're in MN and expecting -35 windchills again tomorrow) it is really hard to motivate myself to be active, let alone my little guy. Anyone have any thoughts or experience?

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