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11/18/10 3:29 P

Thanks for the information. Everything you say seems reasonable and doable. I'll try to start off slow and build up as I get stronger. I just have to get motivated enough to get started. emoticon

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11/18/10 3:10 P

My experience has been to start modestly and work up. I have done that for both cardio and strength training. I got the Perfect Pushup handles and that was what I did for strength training. I could do more and more pushups and then I desired more strength training. I do mine at home with some dumb bells and have a fairly good routine. My dumbbells were cheap compared to a gym membership and I occasionally add a heavier set. I add another exercise to my routine from time to time, and drop some routines after awhile, it keeps the workouts fresh.

For cardio I started with walking and added an exercise bike. Lately I have been running.

I set goals for about a month out and they are fairly modest. I used to try to take on too much and would get sore or it was too demanding and I would end up not doing my workouts. I find the fitter I get, the more I want to do. At some point I may join a gym and maybe get a personal trainer to teach me more.

A buddy is a good plan as it gives you someone to be accountable to. Problem with a buddy, is that if they blow off exercise, it makes it easier for you to also. So if you get a buddy, resolve to go workout even if they blow it off!

My long time goal is to be fit, not be a world class runner or weight lifter, so my workouts are aimed toward that.

Good luck, hope you come up with a great plan! Walking your dog for 15 minutes is way better than the couch and a bag of chips!

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BELLR007 Posts: 26
11/9/10 11:34 P

Thanks Jerry, I know a guy who may want to exercise with me.

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11/9/10 7:55 A

You should really think of weight loss and exercise as two different things. The main benefit of exercise is improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength. You get a few calories burned, but that's a distant second. You cannot exercise away bad food choices, so if you're looking to lose weight, it's all about diet (meaning what you're putting in your mouth). Someone at our office lost 30 pounds and didn't do a minute of exercise. It was all diet. I don't recommend his approach, but I hope it communicates the point.

So far as getting into exercise, it's really a matter of finding what you like to do. This was a long discovery process for me and I found a lot of pleasure in trying new exercises and routines. You'll pick up some things out of routines that you love and some things that you hate. Keep adding things to your exercise toolbox that you love and before too long you'll have more routines than you'll know what to do with.

Also, keeping it going is a lot easier when you have some fitness goals. Running a race, excelling at a sport, keeping up with the kids, whatever the goal is it must be tangible not "I want to get in better shape".

Hope this helps.

11/9/10 7:40 A

You might try adding some strength training at a basic level. SparkPeople have a selection of short, 10 minute workout video routines. Though it may seem like a little, it will help.

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11/9/10 1:12 A

When I started my exercise program this last spring it consisted of mowing four lawns a week. I don't have enough for a full membership for a gym so this worked for me and it kept me going weekly. I currently was able to purchase a fund raiser to a gym for a 2 month membership and I will use that until it runs out. I would think that one of the best ways would be to find a buddy to exercise with that way you are both encouraging each other. Find something that works and keep running with it. Good Luck! - Jerry

BELLR007 Posts: 26
11/8/10 10:15 P

I want to get more exercise than I'm getting now. I walk our dog for about 15 minutes 2x daily, but that's not really doing it for me. I put on some weight lately, I'm up to 180 lbs. I used to weigh about 165 lbs. Any suggestions on how to get started and to keep it going?

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