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DUSTYPRAIRIE Posts: 11,125
9/5/13 9:03 P

Your on the right page. I think one of the first things to understand is it is a process we undergo. One little habit at a time. Taking on too much or expecting too much of yourself can lead to frustration and rebellion.

Had I learned that lesson sooner than I did I'd be at my goal weight now. Think lifestyle change.

Be a turtle! emoticon Slow and steady!

VKKESU Posts: 1,000
9/5/13 8:08 P

Sugar is a hard habit to break. If it was easy, everyone would be skinny.

I'd suggest that you only drink them out of bottles (even if you pour it into a waterbottle) so you can track and start limiting how much you have daily.

Have a couple of bottles of water filled up too. You can start by every other drink you grab, make it water. It takes about 3 weeks of no obvious sugar to get it out of your system, but sounds like you are keeping your sugar levels so high and that's all that's keeping them going. After a couple of days make it two bottles of water you have to drink inbetween sodas. After a while you won't crave it so much and you'll be full and not want all the soda.

Be sure you cut out fast food because that triggers me terribly. If I get fast food my sugar cravings (cookies, candy, etc) get out of control.

It isn't easy but seriously if I can do this you can do this. I do not keep soda in the house because once I start drinking it I can't stop. I also don't keep cookies or sweets in house or I binge on them. I'm just starting over again and know what to do. Just took me several months to get there mentally.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 69,021
8/30/13 10:37 A

emoticon About 7 yrs ago I was drinking 2 two liter bottle of COKE per day instead of water. My triglycerde level was 1200 (normal is below 150) and the doctor laughed and said "Well, when you live on sugar, that happens.) I got on line and started researching how addictive COKE (soda) was and I cut down on it slowly. I hardly drink any at all, nor have I for the past six years. It is really just empty calories.

You can do it. Diet soda is really bad for us. I have flavored water (SPRING water) now with a little fruit juice.

J_WINELAND SparkPoints: (28)
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8/29/13 3:29 P

Well I guess today is the day I start this journey. I found Spark when googling ACE diet pills. Why diet pills? I guess because if I'm being honest its because I just don't know what to do with myself. The crazy thing is I have anxiety/panic attacks so I could never take that stuff anyways. I do however have a problem with Soda! Dr. Pepper is my love and I really need to quit but it is so hard to do. A couple months ago I tried quitting soda, coffee, and pretty much sugar all together and I passed out cold while I was at work! So I went back to my soda and felt much better again! Well I guess this is me trying to make a commitment to myself to finally take care of myself and make myself a priority.

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