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5/1/13 11:02 P

Any kind of illness can throw you for a loop! First of all TAKE IT EASY -- don't rush back to the routine you were using before you got sick. It may take some time to bounce back so give yourself the gift of rebuilding slowly.

Do stay hydrated -- drink water yes, but also liquids with electrolytes can be helpful like teas & juice mixed with sparkling water.

Eat fruit & veggies to the degree that your gut will permit. Sometimes after illness, getting used to fiber again can be challenging. Eat what works -- maybe bananas? Greener bananas are great for constipation; Riper bananas are good for diarrhea!

Eat yogurt -- with full cultures Dannon, Activia, etc. This replaces the natural flora we can sometimes lose (in our gut) when we're ill. Give it time.

Add protein -- anytime you need to heal (especially after injuries like wounds) you need more protein than normal. Again, choose wisely. Easier to digest proteins like soy or eggs (if you're not allergic) can go into smoothies or shakes and give you a big energy boost.

Feel better soon!


5/1/13 8:13 P

I've taken a bit of a vacation from exercise and eating right due to strep throat. Ice cream feels good on a sore throat, and so does soda (to me). I've mostly been sleeping a lot and watching TV. My whole routine, even my sleep patterns have been thrown off. This is actually kind of a big deal for me, because since starting this lifestyle overhaul a few months back I've kept my eating, exercising, drinking, cleaning, and sleeping habits tightly regulated. I'm a bit "thrown off" so to say.

I have a couple mental issues for which I take medication, and having that routine is just super helpful to me. Now I feel kinda unmotivated and blah, even though physically I feel better. What tricks/tips have helped you in the past when overcoming an illness and restarting your previous healthy habits?


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