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2/3/14 3:34 P

That's actually a pretty good loss IMO. You don't need to lose fast (as much as you might want to) and I find it's easier to keep the pounds off losing them more slowly. You probably will have to make some changes to how you eat but it could be as simple as less processed food and more fruit and veg.

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2/3/14 3:14 P

Fitness alone is usually not enough to trigger weight loss. For the vast majority of us, we have to lose weight in the kitchen, not the gym Working out makes the process easier, and lets you eat more and still lose weight, but it won't work if you don't get your eating in order.

You can't out-exercise a poor diet!

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2/2/14 6:12 P

Many times when you begin working out you gain muscle and do not lose weight. Don't worry too much in the beginning because you are probably losing inches. Just be careful about what you eat and your calorie intake. Good luck and don't worry it will come! :)

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1/31/14 9:13 P

Ultimately it comes down to more calories burned than calories consumed/eaten. You may be shrinking but not showing on the scale. Are your clothes fitting looser? You may just need to watch more of what you're eating or maybe check out your exercise routines. Are you varying your workouts? Your body can get used to doing the same thing. Also, if you're only doing aerobics, you're losing muscle. Alternate your aerobic and weight training and hopefully this will help! emoticon

And sometimes we're just in a plateau. Try interval training; that helps a lot too~!

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
1/31/14 7:46 P

I can't really tell from your post what your diet is like--are you counting calories and tracking them? Most of weight loss is from diet, not exercise. I've heard amounts like 80%. Of course exercise will help, and is great for overall health, but for most people losing weight only by exercise is a very slow process. You can change the shape of your body by adding muscle, but that doesn't always mean weight loss.

Shows like Biggest Loser give the idea that if we just exercise hard enough, weight will drop off. But, most of us can't put in the hours they do on that show, and probably shouldn't.

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1/30/14 8:40 P

I feel the frustration as well, I work out 5 days a week for a total of 8 hours. I eat between 1200-1500 calories as recommended for me to lose 2 lbs a week. I am lucky if I lost 1/2 lb each week. I don't think I could drop my calories much more if I want to keep working out every day. Being active is as important to me as is losing the excess weight so slow is how it seems to go. I am 56 years old and need to lose 40 pounds and had hoped I would get there by summer, but as long as I am losing albeit slowly I will preserve.

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1/30/14 8:18 P

i'm also 5'.i however am at 132..i'm keeping at it. even thou that scale..that thing in the kitchen is refusing to play nicely. ( i know i weighed less than this a year ago.) :( bleah..hate that. i know it's doable.

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1/30/14 7:44 P

Like Kendilynn, I work out 5 days/week (5 days of cardio + 2 to 3 days of strength training). I'm 5 ft even and about 15 lbs from being where I should be. The weight I'm at now has been at this weight for over a year. What I eat is the biggest problem, but I also know that I'll lose less as I get closer to my goal weight.

Have you had a fitness assessment done yet? That may help you know if you really need to lose any more weight.

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1/30/14 10:18 A

At this point, it may not be about losing the weight, but toning up and looking better in (and out!) of your clothes. It's hard to let go of the number on the scale, but you will quite possibly look better at 155 and toned than at 145 and scrawny.

For what it's worth, I'm 155 lbs and 5'7". I've worked out on avg five days a week for 18+ months, and I haven't lost any weight in almost a year.I added Focus T25 for ten weeks (additional 6 work outs per week=11 total workouts EVERY week) and I lost a grand total of 2 lbs. But my body changed, I added muscle and lost inches. For me to hit 145, I would probably have to quit strength training and purposely waste muscle. Instead, I don't rely on the scale and work my butt off in the gym, knowing that I'll see the results, just not on the scale. Hope it helps.

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1/29/14 3:37 P

It sounds like it's not so much the number on the scale that's bothersome but what you see as extra weight. The operative word in that sentence is see because when someone looks at you, they don't see the number on the scale, they see your body. We can't choose where fat comes off but a good diet and a full body strength program go a long way towards burning fat and tightening your muscles through your entire body. My advice: put away the scale and focus on your measurements.

TURTLEDOVE773 Posts: 24
1/29/14 3:17 P

My goal is 145 by end of April. I am 5'6. I am just getting so frustrated.. Sorry for the complaining..I know in the grand scheme of things 12 lbs i not that much, but because of where it resides (I still have spare tire and extra weight in my arms and thighs) it is really noticable and that extra 12 lbs is really aggravating because I want to see them gone

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
1/28/14 5:20 P

When you start/increase an exercise program, it is a common response for your muscles to retain water. It takes 3 water molecules to bond to each glycogen molecule, and this helps deliver energy to your muscles more efficiently, and helps them cope better with the new demands you are making of them.

In the short term, this increase in your lean mass can lead to little change (or even an increase) in the scale, even as you are burning fat.

However, muscle and water are considerably denser than fat (check
for a great photo of this), so this typically shows up as inches lost, even if the scale is being unco-operative.

The tape is actually a much more reliable measure of your progress than the scale. If you are losing inches, you ARE burning FAT. Keep up the great work!!


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1/28/14 4:57 P

Are you tracking your food?

If not, you should start!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,551
1/28/14 4:53 P

What is your goal weight and how tall are you? My guess is that you're pretty close to your goal, so I'd recommend having your body fat tested. That's going to be a better indicator of health vs. a number on the scale and most gyms offer this test for a small fee.

At this point, 1/2 lb per week might be a reasonable rate of weight loss, which is what you're on track with right now. The closer you are to your goal, the slower you're going to lose.

Are you tracking your food? What is your calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume?

Coach Jen

TURTLEDOVE773 Posts: 24
1/28/14 2:32 P

So I joined the gym at the end of December. I weighed in at 160 lbs. I lift weights 2 times a week and cardio classes for at least an hour 4 times a week and I am only down to 157lbs and been there for 2 weeks! What is going on? I just don't get it.. what I eat is not horrible. I can tell I have lost some inches because of the fit of my clothes, however I still feel like I should have lost more then 3 pounds in 5 weeks! What am I doing wrong?

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