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3/31/13 10:18 P

First, sorry for your loss and prayers your brother will beat cancer. Second, you are absolutely correct, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Life is full of challenges and set backs which also means most of us fall of the wagon at some point along the way. The good thing is you realize it and are correcting before it gets out of control. Don't beat yourself up. emoticon

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3/31/13 10:07 P

Ok. Easter over and the beginning of a new Month. March was stressful, I lost my mother and found out my brother has cancer..Wow what a blow! I began overeating junkfoods again. I am healthy but overweight. So Saying NO ! I have come a long way with Spark and I am doing this for ME. I am strong! Older at age 60, but age is a mindset, I still like to "play". I enjoy trail walking, biking, bowling and swimming. Its not the boring exercises, its playing and having fun! So enough of my pity party and getting on track again- I once was well over 300 lbs and down to 245 lbs, I CAN make it to my goal!

Its not exercise, its going outside to play!
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