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12/27/11 8:22 A

I have insomnia sometimes & will wake up at 1 or 2 a.m. and then after lunch I'll need a nap. When I get up from my nap I'll be starving. So I have a big glass of water, plus a small apple and some almonds (1 oz. is 24 almonds). Gives me healthy carbs, fat and protein. It's usually enough to hold me over to suppertime.

I try to leave some room in my Nutrition Tracker every day for an extra snack if I need it. (I plan all of my food for the day first thing in the morning.)

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12/25/11 8:59 P

I have the same problem, I drink water rather than eat. Dehydration often appears as hunger and just drinking water will make you feel better. Sometimes I need food ater waking up. I drink water and if I am still hungry, then I will get something to eat. It is amazing how much help a glass of water can provide!

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
12/25/11 6:54 P

Well, you don't say too much about your lifestyle or schedule. I would assume you are hungry because you haven't eaten for some time. But you don't say why. Actual hunger means you ought to eat something - a mini-meal, balanced with healthy grains and protein and fats, veggies and fruit maybe. Cravings or urges or appetite are different than hunger. The Spark Program clearly emphasizes not allowing yourself to get really hungry between meals - although when you first start out it is likely. If you need four mini-meals spread evenly through the day - whatever a day is for you - arrange to eat that way so you don't get hungry. A snack can help as well - an apple of a handful of raw veggies. Good luck!

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12/25/11 2:47 P

Sometimes I need to sleep during the day but when I wake up I,m always starving and need to look for food.

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