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8/7/13 7:50 P

Good Luck getting those ZZZZZ's.
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8/7/13 5:33 P

So now you know ... lesson learned. Sounds like you're doing really well overall. Don't beat yourself up. Correct and move on.

Good luck!

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8/7/13 5:12 P

I work nights and go in for two a.m. in the morning, except for two nights that I work longer and have to be in by midnight. Last night was one of the midnight times. When I arrived home at a little after six a.m., my granddaughter was already awake and up. Usually, I try to get another two hours sleep when I get home. To make matters worse, I went to bed later than I should have last night,. Ended up with only two and a half hours sleep.

I have been doing sooo good on getting in my exercise every day. However, when I don't get enough sleep, it just takes all the energy out of me and I become a couch potato. Today, my granddaughter has not been feeling well; and that was all the excuse I needed not to work out. This would not have happened if I had taken better care to get the right amount of sleep. Everything in my home is affected by my lack of sleep. No exercise, no housework, no cooking.

Tonight, early to bed so I don't have a repeat of today!

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