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6/10/14 4:39 P

I agree with the library thing. I'm not necessarily looking for strength training right now, but I lost my Leslie Sansone walk away the pounds DVD and decided to check one out at a time from the library. Now that I read this post, I might look for some strength training DVDs to try out too since I need to add that to my workout in the near future.


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6/10/14 3:44 P

Thanks! I've got some good ideas to try now. Most important thing is to get started!

Edna, western PA

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6/10/14 1:38 P

That's going to be a difficult request to fill. Most DVD workouts are a minimum of 30-60 minutes. Of the short strength videos I've seen, they're usually part of a larger cardio set. an example would be Turbo Jam. The Turbo Jam set has one DVD for the cardio and another for the additional strength workouts.

Coach Nicole has a bunch of short 10-15 minute workouts posted in the fitness section. There are thousands of short strength routines posted on YOUTUBE.

Do you new TV ? Many new HDTVs can be connected to your tablet or laptop/computer to stream videos.

If don't have a newer TV, you might check your local library. Your local library is not only a great resource for books, you can borrow DVDs and CDs too. Check your library to see what they have. Borrow a few DVDs. Watch them before you try them to see if they are workouts you can do. If anything seems difficult, just make modifications when you need them. No one says you have to do exactly what they do in the DVD. if you can't do jumping jacks because of knee problems, then you march in place.

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6/9/14 10:18 P

Hi Fellow Sparkers! I've been on this journey for almost a year and seem to have stalled out some time back. Time is so limited! I need a strength training video that is short and gentle. Short so I get it done and gentle so that I don't end up unable to exercise at all. I'm especially interested in something on DVD since I don't have room to exercise where I can see the computer screen. Does anyone have suggestions? It would be great to find something that targets upper body for one session and lower body on another session.

Edna, western PA

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