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10/9/13 8:59 A

Exercise bike

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10/9/13 6:35 A

SEVERINA418: I definitely think you should try each one out before making a choice. If you go with a Gazelle, the reviews and articles I have read suggest getting one with resistance.

(1) How much can you afford to spend? I don't know how good exercise bikes for under $200 are. The prices for the Gazelle seem to run between $150 - $200. Although some SparkPeople members don't recommend it, I am a very firm proponent of the Schwinn AirDyne Evolution. I love the fact that it is well-built and works both the legs and upper body. I have had mine going on the 5th year now and ride it daily. However, the price is $650-$700. The Gazelle would be much cheaper. I have tried ellipticals and treadmills that sell for $1500 - $3000. I opted for the AirDyne. If you live in a bigger city, there is a good chance people are selling a Gazelle or exercise bike in want ads, garage sales, on Craig's List, etc.

(2) I absolutely agree with the others who point out you need to buy something that you will actually use. I must admit that I know far more people with exercise bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals that don't use them than do.

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10/8/13 9:22 P

exercise bike

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10/8/13 10:00 A

Which is better on your body? The bike hurts my knees too much, so I use an ARC. The ARC is a cross between the Gazelle and elliptical. Try them before you buy them.

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10/8/13 9:38 A

whichever one (or something else) that you're mostly likely to use.

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10/8/13 8:29 A

Whichever one you will use and keep using ;).

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10/7/13 9:13 P

I have gazelle, and an exercise bike, ( not a fancy one). I find I enjoy using the gazelle more.
I don't know which is better, but if I am not using the bike much, the gazelle is working for me.

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10/7/13 8:49 P

Which would be better for a person trying to get in shape? A gazelle or an exercise bike?

Teresa in Georgetown, Ohio
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