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6/21/11 10:32 P

Its hard I know but I guess to beat it is too stay active. When you go to the store just think about the important thins you need and forget the chips. emoticon emoticon

BETZYGIRL Posts: 1,188
6/20/11 6:36 P

I've been having the same type of struggle for the last 3 weeks, only mine is Chips of any kind. I love chips. As I sat and evaluated my problem this weekend I realized I had quit one thing that seemed to help: I was allowing myself a MEASURED portion of chips with my lunch each day and that seemed to cut the craving. Lately I haven't done that and find that instead I get home from work and eat more than I would have.

Moral to my story? If my body craves the saltiness, have it - but on my terms, not the "crave monster" terms:)

Betty, Missouri
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IRATCHR Posts: 3
6/20/11 5:59 P

Hi This would be my first reply to a message board. I'm trying to learn this SparkPeople! Anyway I just wanted to say I tried hypnosis with a professional. After my first session I quit diet coke completely! I am eating healthier every day and the treats are few and far between. I treat myself on certain occasions but no more binges. Just wanted to tell about my progress. I believe hypnosis has worked for me.

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6/20/11 1:51 P

We all do sometime. Today is a nw day. emoticon

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6/20/11 1:47 P

Thanks Canaus I'll read that . I just might print it as well. emoticon

CANAUS Posts: 303
6/18/11 3:34 P

Hi Skeeter,
It's one of my biggest challenges . I can do really well for a few days and bam..give into the junk food binge monster but determined to win this battle. I just read an article that i found really helpful and wanted to share it with you :)

I am going to print it and put it on the fridge

all the best on your weight loss journey!! WE CAN DO THIS

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6/18/11 9:33 A

You are so right. And I do appreciate you saying that. I know that I can do better and I will. emoticon

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6/17/11 11:19 P

I think it's important that you "fessed up"; now you can put it behind you and do your best not to give in next time. Remember, we're all human and we will all slip up sometimes. The important thing is not to use it as an excuse to quit!

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6/17/11 11:14 A

Yes your right the hardest part is getting on here and posting. I know that I can do it and that I'm not alone. That there is others out there that slip up at times too.

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6/17/11 11:11 A

Thanks for telling me not to beat myself up and your right it is a new day. emoticon

12GIFJ24 SparkPoints: (22,507)
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6/17/11 10:58 A

Don't beat yourself up. This is a new day. emoticon

6/17/11 10:57 A

Hey it's great that you wrote about it. I find that when I am honest about what I'm doing, that really gets the changes going.

Try not to think about it as :"bad". I have had a jelly bean attack this week myself. Somebody here said they use a mental "reset" button when this happens.

I like that idea. OK - so you have to reboot. You may never know why you were self-sabotaging, but if you're anything like me, just doing it once makes me so mad at myself (and you sound that way right now) that I just keep doing it.

A lady I know never takes home left overs or keeps the whole ice cream container. She says, "I can't be trusted". I'm the same way - except I've always kept it and then, gosh I better finish the ice cream. I can practically hear it calling out to me.

So, keep writing and posting. You're doing great. Accept your progress and be proud of yourself. The hardest part is just getting here every day and posting. Good for you!

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6/17/11 10:40 A

Well I've been bad and gave into a jelly bean food addict for the last 2 weeks. I don't know why but I had the craving for them. I didn't gain or loose so thats good but it probably will catch up with me. I really feel bad about it. emoticon I had fruit and veggies here to eat but when I went to the store to get my meds I saw them and gave in. I guess next time I'l bypass that aile. If anyone has any ideas to throw my way as how to not give in when I'm at the store please tell me. emoticon

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