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3/31/14 4:56 P

not sure what this has to do with parenting, but...

I would do what your surgeon suggests, He/she knows more about your health history and medical condition than anyone on a message board does.

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3/30/14 10:46 A

I am scheduled for WLS. I was sure for months that I wanted the sleeve. Hpwever, after a recent meeting with my surgeon, she suggests the Bypass as that is her surgery of choice and believes it is the gold standard of WLS. It has the most data behind it.

I do not have any co-morbid conditions other than arthritis.
I am not a sugar addict. I eat in volume.

From the research I have done, the sleeve would be a good match for me. However, I would like to follow my surgeons recommendation.

I am having the most difficult time deciding which is best for me.

Please "weigh" in on this topic.....

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