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I have been reading the posts in the sleeve surgery forum. Thanks for your responses. I am going to a seminar on July 30 for info on it with the surgeon. I have a few concerns as 1, I have never had surgery before or gone under anesthesia, 2,the prep prior, if you are losing all the weight before the surgery with the diet they give you , why can you not continue that and lose the weight? What kind of exercise is everyone doing? How are spouses handling the change? I am the one that prepares all the meals etc ,its just myself and husband . Is it difficult to do this while you cant eat? Can you still drink? (I am not an alcoholic but enjoy a glass of wine or a beer once in awhile emoticon ) . What does happen to all the skin,,I am not 20 anymore and pretty sure this will still be an issue?? I am 50, 343lbs, have tried everything, BP , cholesterol and everything is good (healthy for a fat person) , my issues are low thyroid and type II Diabetes (A1C 6.5), taking Synthroid and Metformin, oh and post menopausal. I exercise 3-4 x a week,,treadmill, 1 mile a day, I know not alot and here is the excuse,,knees of course and time. I am an office administrator so desk jockey, and my commute is 1hr each way on a good day..that is why I am now investigating the surgery aspect. I feel like I am beating my head against a wall and not getting anywhere. So thank you in advance everyone for any and all info I can get from the experienced on these message boards.

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