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2/10/12 8:41 P

Hope your feeling better soon! Please don't wait...see your doctor.

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2/10/12 8:34 P

PRINCESSAA12... almost a year ago.. well last May i had my Gallbladder removed but had a bad experiences instead of the 90 min procedure i ended up being in surgery for 9 hours... they had nicked my lived and cut my main vein. I was in the hospital for almost a month and when i got home and was on bed rest that's how i felt. I had major fatigue and dark Diarrhea maybe once a day or every other day when i ate protein. That was considered normal for my situation but i suggest heading to the doctors for your routine physical after the 6 weeks. Also if you start having extreme stomach aches or cramps go to the ER! i did and i didn't go till i was physically sick to the point i was getting sick and couldn't breath.

these pains can be considered normal if they are faint, kinda like a ghost gallbladder attack if you may... but if it feels as if you still have your gallbladder x's 100000 go to the ER and have them give you an ultrasound... it could be your bile duct trying to pass the last of the bile from your gallbladder.

If the doctors haven't already prescribed a prenatal vitamin that helped me with the diarrhea alot! When you go ask them if they can give a prescription prenatal! :D ... plus it makes your hair nice and glossy and your nails grow real fast and are shiny... it also helped with clearing my face!

Hope i helped! :D hope you feel better!... you'll feel right back to normal in about 2 months (thats the normal range)... like it never happened!

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2/8/12 5:55 P


While SparkPeople is a great community of support and encouragement, our experts and members are not a substitute for seeking medical advice from your doctor who is most familiar with your situation. Offering any advice is outside the scope of any of us.

Sorry. I hope you feel better soon.

Coach Nancy

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2/8/12 5:33 P

"I'm considering some supplements like lecithin, calcium and a multivitamin."


You are having problem that need medical attention - from your doctor - NOT self-prescribing some random supplements!

Call your doctor!

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2/8/12 4:09 P


Please, talk to your doctor ! Don't take any supplements without their approval. The supplement industry is NOT REGULATED. that means the bottle can make any claim they want. a supplement could make things worse. If you're having complications after your surgery, you have to talk to your doctor first. Get their recommendations over the well meaning, but totally anonymous opinions of people who don't know you or your medical history.

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2/8/12 3:57 P

I had my gall bladder removed 3 weeks ago. After having my gallbladder removed, I've noticed that I now have no appetite. I don't feel hungry all day. It's usually late in the day when I start to feel hungry and when I eat something, I'm full quickly. I'm also feeling giddy when I stand up after sitting for a while. And I've been having diarrheoa since the removal of my gb. My diarrheoa is not that bad mostly but on some days, I would need to use the toilet as many as 5 times a day. Anyone had this happen to you?

I'm considering some supplements like lecithin, calcium and a multivitamin. But honestly, I don't know where to start. Any suggestions?

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