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5/23/10 6:02 A

I had mine removed about 6 years ago. I did very well, but do watch the greasy foods--could be a problem. My mother-in-law said she couldn't eat boiled cabbage any longer after surgery, but I eat it and have no problems, but I do have problems with greasy foods. Food tolerances may be different for different people. After you start eating normally again, you'll discover which foods present a problem.

The surgery is nothing to be concerned about. I sailed thru it.


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5/23/10 1:12 A

I had mine out when I was 17 (almost 20 years ago now) laparoscopically (sp?). I was back at work within a week and felt almost all better in about 4 or 5 days. I did have lifting restrictions though, so you might want to check how long you will have lifting restrictions for taking care of a 5yr old.

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5/23/10 12:58 A

I had my first attack almsot 30 years ago and I didn;t want surgery then, but took a holistic cure. Now I started having attacks again and Itook the olive oil cure again cuz I'm still nervous about surgery. But all these testimonials went a long way to easing the apprehension. Wish you the best, hope you feel good about it and afterwards!

MEENG85 Posts: 1,449
5/23/10 12:57 A

I had the surgery and was back to doing what ever I wanted to do within a week. Some even heal faster.

GAIL1000 Posts: 903
5/23/10 12:35 A

I had mine out just a few yeats ago (laproscopic surgery)...the worst part was the after effects of the drugs...I felt better than new after about 48 hours and went back to work on the third day...I had a desk job though and was not chasing kids...

22PHAT Posts: 931
5/23/10 12:07 A

I had my gallbladder removed 34 years ago. Although I stayed in the hospital a week, I was up and about before I left. I returned to work within a couple of weeks after my discharge from the hospital. With all the modern technology now, people are having more outpatient surgeries and/or are being released from the hospital the next day after surgery. They also don't have to make that large incision they did years ago. It is more laser friendly.

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5/22/10 10:27 P

Same goes for me. I woke up at 1 PM and was on my way home by 4 PM. Two days later I was back at work. Modern medicine is incredible.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
5/22/10 7:21 P

I had mine out sixteen years ago.

I was out for two months. But I had a more complicated operation than many people have these days.

I also have a seven inch scar on my stomach.

RONIH2O Posts: 3,546
5/22/10 5:59 P

I had mine out about 8 years ago and I have been so happy that I did. The attacks I had were debilitating and I missed so much work because of them. I had the laproscopic surgery and was back to work in a couple days.

TKD_2D Posts: 558
5/22/10 5:47 P

i had my gall bladder out in 1996 with laproscopic surgery(where they remove it thru a hole in the belly button), it was very doc told me i would feel like was having a very mild gall stone attack for about 24 hours after wards...he was right...i felt much better and was doing laundry and stuff around the house the next day... emoticon i wish you the best and a speedy recovery!!

MIZKAREN Posts: 53,188
5/22/10 5:41 P

Had my gall bladder out a year ago and i feel better

BETS44057 Posts: 2,421
5/22/10 4:59 P

I had mine out 5 years ago, and was good to go in a week.

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5/22/10 4:53 P

My husband had his removed about 7 years ago. He felt better from the start. It took him about a week to recover and he had no food restrictions. HTH Good luck to you.

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5/22/10 4:50 P

Thanks for all the replies. I take care of a little 5 year old girl, and I was hoping to tell her that I just need one week off for the surgery.

BOOKAYB Posts: 761
5/22/10 12:04 P

My husband had his out just over a year ago. He became violently ill and I took him to the emergency room where, after telling him it was indigestion, it was discovered he had severe pancreatitis - almost airlifted him to Denver. Further testing showed that he had gallstones and one had gotten into his pancreas. He was too sick with the pancreatitis to operate for four days. As soon as his counts came within reason, they removed his gall bladder. He felt better IMMEDIATELY! They sent him home two hours after surgery - after being deathly ill only days before! He was out of work for the first week before the surgery and then another week after. Was back to eating as he likes and exercising as he likes within the first two weeks after surgery. He swears the surgery cured him of all his ills! You will do great!!!

5/22/10 11:58 A

I had laproscopic (sp) gall bladder sugery in November. It wasn't bad. I was out of work for about a week but if I had a sit down job I think I could have gone back earlier. And about 2 weeks before I felt normal. It really wasn't bad. I was kind of afraid to eat anything but I haven't had any foods I can't eat. Just watch out for greasy foods at first to see how your body reacts!

KATHRYNM1234 Posts: 445
5/22/10 11:28 A

I had gallbladder surgery in February. I feel sooo much better. I was at the gym walking on the treadmill the following week. I didn't have any food restrictions, but didn't have much of an appetite for a couple of weeks. A side bonus for me! :)

5/22/10 11:17 A

I had mine taken out three years ago and it was a big surprise. I never had any symptoms before and I had the sharpest pain. After it not going away for a half hour, we ended up in the ER to find out I am getting surgery to take it out. It was difficult to walk and get up, but luckily it was summer and so I had help from my kids. I had to stay in the sofa for almost two weeks. The pain killers helped.

5/22/10 11:03 A

I've had my gallbladder removed. I'm super glad I did. I felt so much better after I recovered!! I wasn't able to walk for about a week. Then I started back walking lightly. Didn't have any food restrictions what so ever. I returned to work after 2 weeks. I did work only part time that 1st week. AFter that I was back to normal. I had the can't spell it, but the 3 little holes surgery. Hope this helps.

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5/22/10 11:00 A

Has anyone had their gallbladder out lately? Can you tell me how long you had to stay out of work, and if you really felt better after it was gone. I have to have mine out next week, and I'm concerned that it won't take care of my stomach issues. I was wondering about the recovery and what you eat, and how long before exercising too. I don't want to lose my momentum, or gain back any of the weight I'm lost. It was too hard to get to this place. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.

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