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1/24/13 9:26 P

Everyones body acts differently to gallbladder surgery. I lost weight before my surgery was done due to being ill, and gained after my surgery...I think that when u are that sick from your gallbladder not working is something that goes with the teritory...I would be thrilled if I was able to lose that much weight that just happens to people...everyone is different....u are that much closer to your goal sure to take it easy..dont' push up as much as u can, if u get tired, rest, don't over do it....

1/24/13 8:45 P

After having your gall bladder removed, your body has to figure out how to process fats again. It's not so easy after your liver loses your gall bladder. So, much of the fats you take in are rushed through your system and into the toilet (if you get what I'm saying).

So, many of your calories are being wasted, in a way.

Eventually, your body will adjust, and you might find yourself craving carbs more. That's what happened to me. Before my surgery to have my gall bladder removed, my cravings involved fats. Afterwards, my craving were about sweet things.

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Your Dr is your best source for information, but having said that, some people do tend to drop a lot of weight after surgery or being unwell.

A few years ago I had worked all but 7 days in the full year up until 23rd December. I was a 7-day/week, worker. As soon as I stopped work and was off my feet all the time, the weight dropped like flies hit with fly spray. I had Surgery on 12th Jan so had about 3 more weeks off work. As soon as I went back to work and was back on my feet, the weight went back on. The Specialist I was seeing couldn't figure it out. Then a few years further down the track I had a couple weeks off and the same thing happened.

I wish you well in your recovery from your surgery. My late husband had his gall bladder removed a few years ago, and he didn't have any side-effects from it other than he no longer had the pain caused by that problem.

Take care,

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1/23/13 11:53 P

Yes it was on the same scales. Its not that I am not happy to be closer to being under 200 pounds, it just seemed way to fast. I looked at some older post and I see a few others who did the same. I guess its just my way of recovering. Thank you very much SP_COACH_NANCY I am starting to feel much better. Got those awful stitches taken out!

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1/23/13 10:18 P

Did you weigh on the same scale?

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1/23/13 7:10 P


If your doctor can't explain this and he has access to your medical records as well as being able to do a physical assessment on you, I am not too sure any of our members or experts could offer more than what he has told you. I hope you are feeling better.

Coach Nancy

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1/23/13 6:52 P

emoticon I had my Gallbladder removed on the 15th of Jan. Its only been a week and the first weight in at the doctors office I was 230, today when I had my stitches taken out I weigh in at 209. The doctors couldn't really explain why it was such a rapid loss. He said it could have been water weight but he wasn't really sure, that every person as a different reaction to the surgery. I have lost most of my appetite I can only eat small amounts at a time. Has anyone else had similar experience to mine? I am a bit confused.

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